Energy Cloud

Increase renewable energy asset returns with data intelligence from a powerful and flexible platform.

A service of interconnected products

Energy Cloud is built on cutting-edge specialized software used by industry professionals to monitor, manage, analyze, plan and predict every aspect of their renewable energy portfolios.

Customize to suit your workflow

Take advantage of a versatile system and use flexible widgets and dashboards to build custom charts, tables and reports.


Use the customizable Dashboards to present the most recent data from your assets and perform further analysis in no time.


Automatically generate highly configurable, editable and customizable reports to share across your organization.


Energy Cloud is used internationally and is available in multiple languages - English, German, French and Spanish.


Link your data to third party services through the JSON API, and experience full connectivity in real time.

Analyze and compare operational and budget data.

Stay on target and make accurate predictions. Display your data overview and detailed drill down root cause analysis.

Data Studio

Use the powerful Data Studio for in-depth data analysis of performance trends and power curves evolution.


Identify component failures before they occur with Predict, the digital condition monitoring module.


Accurately plan your budget, track your performance and stay right on target.

Root cause analysis

Perform analysis on a portfolio level or drill down to identify underperforming assets and carry out optimizations.

"I would recommend Greenbyte Energy Cloud to anyone who wants to be a front runner in data management and is working in wind and solar"


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Monitor production, status and alarms in real time

Monitor diverse portfolios and keep an eye on critical information such as energy production, data connections and device status.

The App

Access live data and stay on top of key metrics on the go, directly on your mobile thanks to a user-friendly interface for iOS and Android.


Turn on automatic notifications to get informed on critial events, to set rules and detect potential performance problems.


Start and stop wind turbines in real-time and from anywhere through Breeze and without additional hardware on-site.

Remote Operation Center

Set up ROC and monitor data connections, statuses and energy production in real time, for a large fleet of assets.

A powerful project management tool

Overview all site activities, schedule O&M tasks, site access and downtimes with ease.


Schedule and prioritize activities, like maintenance and inspections, assign them to your colleagues via automatic email updates.


List all relevant personnel for your sites, store contact information and qualifications, and keep track of site inductions.


Manage and schedule your assets downtime, for reporting, maintaining and forecasting purposes.

Site access

Attain detailed monitoring of scheduled or unplanned maintenance, inspections and relevant staff attendance.

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