About Us

Our ambition is to make renewable electricity cheaper for the consumer and more profitable for the owner by converting more wind and solar into electricity.

We are confident that continuously pushing to lower investment / MWh will make wind and solar energy abundant worldwide within the next 10-15 years and thereby off setting dirty, less profitable sources of electricity.

We use our expertise in renewable energy, computer science and interface design to create products that generate valuable and actionable insights for increased power output.

Our customers range from wind farm developers to owners and operators with assets such as wind turbines, solar PV sites, met mast and remote sensing devices. Their common need is to understand and make sense of large sets of data.

We look forward to everything that will happen in renewable energy in the next 10-15 years and have a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of the technology curve and to always bring the most useful software technologies to the industry.

Jonas Corné


Elias Bernerskog

Director of Sales

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Fredrik Grahn


Mikael Baros

Director of Technology

Niklas Bergh

Director of Operations

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HR Manager

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Product Manager

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Senior Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Senior Sales Manager

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Sales Associate

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Sales Associate

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Marketing Coordinator

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UI/UX Designer

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Customer Success Manager

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Customer Success Manager

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Technical Services Specialist

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Technical Services Specialist

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Technical Support Specialist

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Senior Systems Architect

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Senior Developer

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Senior Developer

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Senior Developer

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Per Gårdebrink

Senior Developer

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Julie Ruhlmann

Quality Assurance Engineer

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Head of Research

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DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

Gustav Calson

System Administrator

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System Administrator

Zana Niklasson

Project Manager

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Project Manager

David Cáceres

Technical Project Manager

Our values

Act for a Better World

We strive to make efficient use of scarce resources so that people may prosper and realize their dreams. Our knowledge of technology and our time in human history give us potential to be a positive influence.

Open to New Ideas

New ideas can come from anywhere. At Greenbyte we are always open-minded and try new ideas whenever possible. Some ideas work and some don’t. We are progressive and curious.

Team Spirit

The job is too big to be done by one person. Teamwork is essential for Greenbyte’s success. We are larger than the sum of our parts and always help each other out.

Quality & Excellence

We care about what we do. Like a fine wine, the quality, performance and value we build into our products earn us the respect and loyalty of our customers.

Personal Development

We thrive by learning.

Results & Flexibility

Results > time and place of work.

Responsibility & Confidence

We take responsibility for our domain of expertise and trust our capabilities and our intuition. When we don’t know we ask for help.

Positive Aura & Respect

We respect everyone and believe the most excellent work is created in a positive aura. Be lavish in praise.