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Solar photovoltaics management system for industry-scale solar energy owners and operators.
Increase uptime and improve energy production Realize substantial portfolio-wide time-savings Take targeted actions based on observed trends
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IntroductionOverviewFeaturesHow it WorksAppSummaryRequest Demo

Make your solar assets shine.

Bright is a modern software service built to assist solar PV owners and operators in capturing the true potential of their assets.

Solar sites are remotely connected to Bright regardless of model or brand, resulting in a single system to monitor, analyze and optimize industry-scale solar PV portfolios.

A complete solar PV management suite.

Monitor solar energy production levels and alarms in real time.
Analyze and compare operational and financial data across the portfolio.
Track and evaluate ROI in performance investments over time.
Centralize and secure all solar PV data for long term storage.
Use Bright on your mobile and leverage the powerful API.

Designed with three distinct roles in mind.


Managers use Bright to evaluate ROI on investments that affect performance and to follow key metrics such as actual production against budget.


Operators use Bright to be on top of downtimes, underperformance and to keep track of all logs and documentation related to solar PV management.


Analysts use Bright as a first instance to find underperforming assets in order to suggest actions for increased solar energy production.

How Bright can improve solar PV operations.

  • Increase uptime and leverage asset production more effectively
  • Deliver additional value when potential buyers are considering purchasing assets
  • Realize substantial time-savings from portfolio-wide software system
  • Take targeted actions based on observed trends or degradation of performance
  • Efficiency
  • Track whether corrective actions have improved output and quantify the results
  • Provide hard data to assist owners and operators during negotiations with equipment manufacturers
  • Create better and more accurate performance-based contracts for hired service providers
"Professional and user-friendly – Bright meets all of our monitoring needs" - Sartelco Biomasse S.r.l., Italian Solar Plant Owner

Fast, elegant and easy to use.

Monitor Portfolio

Monitor your entire fleet of solar PV sites including individual inverters. View production data, warnings, alarms and many other key metrics in real-time.

Analyze Portfolio

A perfect summary of key figures such as budget, year-to-year production, lost production, yearly time- and production-based availability and much more.

Monitor Map

View anything from one group of panels up to a fleet of solar PV sites. Well suited for the big-screen.

Data Studio

How well do one of your solar PV sites perform compared to others? Track and compare time and production based availability within your portfolio and across other portfolios.

Customize Notifications

Find the root to low performing solar panels quicker than ever. Measure, visualize and compare lost production per portfolio, site and inverter.

Categorize Status

Break up lost production in categories such as low production, maintenance and unplanned stops to provide owners with deeper insights that lets them focus improvement efforts.

How it works.

Solar Site 1

Manufacturer 1

Solar Site 2

Manufacturer 2

Solar Site 3

Manufacturer 3








Substation, Forecast, Video Surveillance,
Meter Data, Electricity Prices

Bright supports solar PV equipment of all leading brands.

"Excellent customer service and even better software!" - Aaron Donoghue of Impax Asset Management

Monitoring for Your Mobile Device.

The Bright Solar PV Monitoring app for iOS and Android enables monitoring of key metrics for your solar energy portfolio on the go.

The app collects solar PV data and presents it in a user-friendly interface on your mobile device. Access live solar energy production data for your entire portfolio or drill down to see the status of each site.

Monitor conditions such as

  • Total energy production
  • Site status
  • Yearly energy production
  • Panel maintenance
  • Irradiation
  • Site energy production
  • Wind speed
  • Temperature

Bright and the competition.

Focused completely on renewable energy software
Single cloud-based web accessible system, no local programs
No versions to install, update or version history to keep track of
Fair and non-complex pricing
Mobile app and API for third party access and integrations
Responsive sales and support people
Fast moving innovator in the industry
Based on the globally successful Breeze platform for wind

Ten highlights of Bright.

  • API for sharing data with other programs and service providers
  • User friendly dashboards and graphics
  • Automatic notifications via email and automatic monthly report generator
  • Compatible with Breeze for wind
  • Used in solar PV sites across Europe and compatible with any equipment
  • Actionable information for constructive discussions with manufacturers
  • App for iOS and Android devices to view status and alarms (coming soon)
  • Secure cloud-based infrastructure hosted by Amazon Web Services
  • Scalable from a single solar site to large portfolios
  • Long term storage of 10min historical data for future analysis