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Breeze Development

Wind resource monitoring system to manage wind measurement campaigns.
Increase data availability and data quality Improve organization through centralizing documentation Save time through automation of daily tasks
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Lower uncertainty with quality data.

High quality wind data is the foundation for all wind energy projects. Wind resource assessment can be split into two different and important tasks: wind monitoring and wind analysis.

Wind monitoring is a highly repetitive, though essential task, which can be a burden for over-qualified wind analysts. Multiple data formats from data loggers, LIDAR and SODAR are cumbersome to manage and compare. Sensor failures and missing data wait days before detection.

Report writing and distribution consume valuable time. If not done adequately, the available data may not be of sufficient quality before the more sophisticated analysis begins.

Breeze increases efficiencies by automating wind monitoring tasks and conveniently providing quality data and supporting documentation to the wind analyst.

A complete wind resource assessment suite.

Monitor all projects, units and sensors in one place.
Analyze project viability and measurement equipment performance.
Create customizable reports for investors and technicians.
Export measurement data to other applications.
Invite third parties to collaborate on measurement projects.

Designed with three distinct roles in mind.


Be notified of downtime, equipment malfunctions, sensor anomalies and keep track of maintenance logs and documentation related to measurement campaigns.


Evaluate measurement equipment and sub contractor performance. Enhanced fleet monitoring provides value to investors and potential buyers of projects.


Analysts use Breeze Development to identify root causes for errors as well as a central data storage for further analysis in third party software tools.

How Breeze can improve wind resource assessment projects.

  • Save up to 6 hours per unit per month
  • Improve organization through centralizing wind data and documentation
  • Increase data availability through automatic filters to fix problems faster
  • Future proof, no technology lock-in
  • Easy access to data via web browser
  • Availability
  • Works with all leading providers of data loggers, LIDAR and SODAR
  • Scalable system to grow with your pipeline
  • Automatic creation of professional reports
  • Store reports, maintenance logs and documentation in one place
"An easy to use platform that requires very little training" - Kaj Lamton, VP of Wallenstam's Wind Power Division

Fast, elegant and easy to use.

Monitor Portfolio

A clear and powerful dashboard to monitor unit status, unresolved maintenance, data availability, weather forecast and more.

Monitor Map

View all active and historic sites in Breeze interactive maps, including detailed site information, terrain, satellite and road view.

Data Studio

Click and drag to zoom in, compare different data types, select sensors to bring in data all with a few clicks.

Analyze Portfolio

Spot problems, anomalies and missing data.

Customize Notifications

Be proactively alerted with email notifications of deviations and reports.


View logs of all actions in Breeze, deviations, reports, data, maintenance, users.

How it works.


Met Mast








Third Parties

Weather Forecast

Breeze supports data formats of all leading brands.

"Excellent customer service and even better software!" - Aaron Donoghue of Impax Asset Management

Be alerted to problems faster.

Breeze informs the user in if anything is wrong with the measurement data and if actions need to be taken.

Be notified of errors directly, customize who receives notifications and when. Subscribe to reports sent via email to read on your mobile or laptop. Problems will no longer wait days for detection.

Stay on top of common problems such as

  • Communication problems
  • Missing data
  • Icing data
  • Low batteries
  • Remote power supplies
  • Sensor flatlines
  • Lightning strikes
  • Obstruction lights

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