Breeze and WindSim in Cooperation on Short Term Power Forecasting

Jonas Corné wrote this on April 29

Ideally, a grid operator would know seconds, minutes or hours in advance what the power output from wind power will be. With current forecasting and data exchange models this is impossible. The ENERGIX project partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council carried out by WindSim Nowcasting with data input from Breeze aims to make the impossible possible.

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Pure Energie van Raedthuys Choose Breeze for Wind Farm Management

Jonas Corné wrote this on April 29

Pure Energie van Raedthuys in the Netherlands is committed to fight climate change and create a sustainable future. They walk the talk by building wind and solar electricity production parks. “Today we are excited to welcome Raedthuys as a user of Breeze” – says Breeze CEO Jonas Corné.

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Elin Tjernström Joins Breeze as Administrative Manager

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on April 28

Previously working as an intern at Breeze, Elin Tjernström is now joining the team full-time as Administrative Manager. Elin has a master in entrepreneurial business development from the Gothenburg School of Business, Echonomics & Law. We are very pleased to welcome Elin to the team.

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Vindpark Vänern Choose Breeze for Wind Farm Management

Jonas Corné wrote this on April 20

Vindpark Vänern is a 30 MW offshore wind farm located in Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. To increase availability, performance and insight into operations, Vindpark Vänern have selected Breeze as their wind farm management system.

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Meet Our New Customer Success Manager

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on March 30

Coming from a large Swedish wind developer, Kristoffer has seven years of experience in wind assessment, site planning, asset operations and production data. As Customer Success Manager, Kristoffer will be the go-to resource for technical implementation, support and training with Breeze.

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Free E-book: Constraints to Upgrading of Wind Turbines

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on February 23

In this e-book we present the principal constraints imposed on upgrades of operational wind farms, along with the foremost limiting factors according to industry professionals and the after-sales market that surfaced during the interview process.

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Last Year in Wind Energy Visualized

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on February 12

A new year has just begun and with that comes some new exciting figures over last year's development in wind energy. Our friends at the Global Wind Energy Council just released wind energy statistics for 2014 and we have of course updated our beloved Evolution of Wind Power map accordingly. It is safe to say that a lot has happened in the last 12 months.

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Breeze is Hiring

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on January 26

Breeze/Greenbyte is looking for new talented people to join our team in Gothenburg, Sweden. Are you interested in working with the next-generation software for wind farm management, monitoring and analysis of data from wind turbines?

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Eolus Vind Selects Breeze Wind Farm Management System

Jonas Corné wrote this on December 19

Eolus is one of the leading wind farm developers in Sweden. Founded in 1990 the company has long experience of wind farm development. The company has been involved in more than 460 of the 2,800 wind turbines in Sweden.

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Free E-book: Power Performance Upgrades to Wind Turbines

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on November 26

In this free e-book we evaluate quantative methods to increase power performance, based on a study of the twelve largest wind turbine manufacturers.

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