• Improvements and optimizations of the data presentation within a project (AJAX support)
  • Data loads faster and without requiring the full web page to reload
  • The sensor and height selection UI components have been improved
  • Selected sensor configurations will persists when switching between graph types
  • Sensor and graph configuration is stored per user and project and persits when the user logs in and out of the system
  • Users are able to slide the time interval selector across the timeline to select which data to display
  • When displaying two graphs, zooming is applied to both graphs when zooming in one of them (synchronized zoom)
  • Scripts and layout information is optimized and compressed to further decrease user load times
Webinar – Predictive Maintenance with Breeze ANN

The Breeze ANN is a potential game-changer for the industry. At Greenbyte, we aim to detect component failures long before they happen using existing SCADA data. In this webinar, Head of research, Dr. Pramod Bangalore presents our approach to solving this difficult problem using large data sets and Artificial Neural Networks. Sign up!

Wed Jan 17
10:00-10:30 AM CET

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