Custom Reports, New Devices & Manual Status Codes in Breeze

Custom Reports

By popular demand reports in Breeze are now made even more flexible and easy to use. The most important changes a

  • New custom section providing near complete flexibility. Customize report by choosing desired sections and add any number of charts and tables.
  • More powerful text editing functionality
  • Intelligent reports using markers to work as placeholder in the template for information that will be updated when the actual report is generated, such as date and time, wind farm and turbine data.

New Devices in Dashboard

A windfarm is more than just turbines. In this new release, Breeze can display devices in widgets on dashboards. Use it to monitor and analyse met masts, grid meters and substations etc.

Devices in widgets on dashboards will be available to all users and can be found under the main menu Monitor/Analyze > Device. 

Manual Status Codes

SCADA data is the base for a lot of work within Breeze. Unfortunately, SCADA data does not always paint the whole picture. The interface for editing statuses in Breeze is now getting an update to make it easier and more capable. A new status category called “communication” has now also been established for all status codes directly generated by Breeze. Furthermore, more flexibility has been added related to status handling and the opportunity to:

  • Change 9997 codes to other codes
  • Add manual status codes
  • Edit status codes retroactively

For an introduction to the new features, check out the Webinar video below.

Custom Reports, New Devices & Manual Status Codes in Breeze