Highlights from Greenbyte Forum 2017

On Monday November 27, 20 Greenbyters and over 60 customers from all over the world gathered in Amsterdam for our annual Greenbyte Forum. An inspiring day filled with exciting announcements, workshops and rewarding discussions between industry colleagues.

Greenbyte advances in Artificial Neural Network

Head of Research at Greenbyte, Pramod Bangalore, presented our latest progress in machine learning in relation to our new upcoming Breeze ANN feature, intended to predict failures and monitor the health of components in wind turbines. Pramod presented interesting cases where ANN has been applied on wind turbines belonging to Rabbalshede Kraft in Sweden and Element Power in Ireland. The Breeze ANN had successfully predicted 31 faults with a 94% accuracy from 107 wind turbines over a 12-month period.

As with all Machine Learning it can be very difficult to understand how it works, so Pramod also showed a mock-up of the upcoming User Interface for Breeze ANN to make it more tangible.

Upcoming Curtailment Feature

With an increased penetration of renewables, grid curtailment is becoming more frequent in many markets. One of the most frequent requests we received from our customers in 2017 was for us to provide better support for curtailment. Theresa Kauffeld, Product Manager, made an in-depth presentation of curtailment and told us about what is already available in Breeze and what is being worked on right now. A key take-away from the presentation is that the Greenbyte team has taken a broader view of curtailment, considering many aspects of curtailment such as noise, shadow, bats, ice and more.

The presentation also provided insight into the development process where work is done in iterations packaged with functionality released to customers as soon as they are ready so that value is delivered quickly.

Highly Customizable Dashboards and Reports

From our close collaboration with customers, we have come to understand that many processes in the renewables industry are similar across companies, similar yes, but not the same. Customization and flexibility is therefore an absolute requirement. Erika Tiefensee and Christos Kaidis from the Customer Success team walked us through examples of how to customize reports and dashboards.

The key take-away was – Don’t be afraid to customize! This was an important message as it can be daunting to change Default settings.

Feature Requests and Customer Collaboration

We are fortunate to have very engaged users who contribute with many fabulous ideas on how to make Greenbyte’s services even better. Today a lot of these feature requests and improvement ideas are kept in a mix of documents and are not transparent to our customers. To provide a more streamlined experience when it comes to suggesting new features, we have introduced a new Greenbyte's online collaboration tool. Going forward we are going to try out this tool to collect feedback on new features and improvements. Ultimately, it will help us prioritize the most valued features and provide greater transparency and more inclusion of users in the product development roadmap.


We hosted workshops on Financials, Plan and Data Studio during which users gave us feedback on new features and improvements they would like to see. We received some very valuable input so thank you to everyone who contributed.

Greenbyte 2018 and Beyond

After dinner Jonas Corné, CEO, shared Greenbyte’s vision for the future. In essence, it can be boiled down to a few points:

  • Get a ton of MWs installed by providing the best software system for renewable energy
  • Use data to create unique insight
  • Use unique insight to drive optimal decision making
  • Have our system make optimal decisions
  • While doing all the above, have a manic customer focus
  • Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed in making this event such a success! Hope to see you all, next year! For all customers who were not able to participate but would like to see the presentations, please email success@greenbyte.com and we will send over the presentations.

    To see more pictures of the event, click here.