HR Manager and Senior Developer Join the Greenbyte Team

We are pleased to welcome HR Manager Jessica Gold and Senior Developer Olof Johnsson to the team at Greenbyte.

Jessica will be responsible for maximizing the team’s performance in service of Greenbyte's vision and strategic objectives. She will also support the recruiting processes and be in charge of the HR policies.

Olof will be working with the rest of the software development team to make Greenbyte services even better.

Webinar – Introduction to Breeze & Bright

Join us for this webinar where we provide an introduction to wind farm and solar plant management and take a tour of the modern Breeze and Bright services. Breeze and Bright provide a number of metrics, dashboards, customizable reports and status logs. These are essential tools to get the most out of your solar and wind power assets.

Thu Aug 24
10:00-10:30 AM CET

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