Infographic: Renewable Energy in Germany

The Greenbyte team has been working on an infographic showcasing some interesting numbers about renewable electricity production in Germany. This is the first in a series covering the renewable electricity generation in the EU.

The infographic focuses on data for wind, solar and hydro and sheds light on today’s renewable energy market as well as its evolution in Europe over the past 10 years.

“We conducted an analysis of the European renewable energy market for internal purposes and quickly realized that our findings could be of interest not only to our customers but also to the industry at large. We were impressed to discover that 87% of last year’s electrical capacity growth in Germany was due to renewable energy and that the country produced 141,908 GWh of sustainable clean electricity in 2015. These numbers are a testament to the growing importance of renewable energy sources in future energy development.” – says Fredrik Larsson, CMO at Greenbyte.

Renewable Energy in Germany

Download the PDF version