Free E-book: Quantifying Change in Power Performance using SCADA Data

Fredrik Larsson wrote this on June 29

This final e-book of the 3-part series focuses on measuring change in power performance. There is a brief review of the Power Curve, Annual Energy Production and common methods of measuring the absolute level of power performance. The alternatives for measuring change in power performance for a specific site are narrowed down. An in-depth case study is performed, presenting the methodology and results of the Side-by-Side Testing method. Using only SCADA data for the analysis, the effect of a blade add-on upgrade is evaluated. The analysis is based on a relative power relation between a test and reference wind turbine.

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Four Steps for Effective Asset Management of Wind Turbines

Jonas Corné wrote this on April 7

During the operational phase of a wind farm a great deal of things happen both inside and around the wind turbines that affect the performance and availability. All wind turbines are equipped with sensors that continuously feed the wind farm SCADA system with data.

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Wallenstam Chooses Breeze Production For Wind Farm Data Management

Jonas Corné wrote this on February 6

Wallenstam builds, develops and manages properties for sustainable living and enterprises in expansive regions in Sweden. Wallenstam’s reported property value is approx. EUR 3.25 billion. In addition to being one of the top 10 property owners in Sweden Wallenstam has invested in wind power to provide 100% clean energy to all of its customers.

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Introducing Breeze Production for Wind Farm Owners and Operators

Jonas Corné wrote this on February 6

During 2013 the team behind Breeze has been hard at work with adapting Breeze to be a useful tool for not only developers performing wind measurement campaigns but also for owners and operators of operating wind farms. The product is now ready and commercially available. It is called Breeze Production.

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