E-book: Lifetime Analysis of a Wind Turbine Component

An investigation of how to use physics-based models and general OEM documentation to estimate the remaining lifetime of a wind turbine component.

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This e-book investigates how wind turbine components remaining lifetime can be estimated based on online measurement data.


This paper is a part of a master thesis conducted at Chalmers University of Technology in cooperation with Breeze. The purpose of this project was to investigate how wind turbine components remaining lifetime can be estimated based on online measurement data. Additionally, it was also of interest to investigate whether the estimated component lifetime from the physical model differed from the design lifetime predicted by the manufacturer through simulations. It was also of interest to find out if turbine owners have enough information regarding their turbines in order to perform similar studies.

Project Description

The design life of a wind turbine is often said to be around 20 years. In practice it is frequently observed that components in a turbine fail earlier and must be replaced before the stated lifetime. Therefore, it is very important for the stakeholders of wind turbines to be able to get a good estimation of a component’s remaining lifetime so they can put up a suitable maintenance schedule and decide on how to exhaust the component in the most optimal manner. This project is divided into two parts. The first part examines the operation of the wind turbine itself while the second part focuses on the ”information flow” between different actors concerning the design aspect of the technology.
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