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Greenbyte and Power Factors are joining forces – together becoming the industry’s largest provider of renewable asset performance management software.

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Renewable energy empowered

The leading asset management platform to drive performance improvements and cost savings in renewable energy production.

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35,000+ MW of renewable energy worldwide is managed with Greenbyte


All of your data, under one roof

Aggregate data from a wide variety of critical sources—from SCADA data to power forecasts—regardless of hardware manufacturer or 3rd party service, in a central software platform.

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Ventient was born out of the merger of two portfolios, we needed a scalable system enabling our increasing number of assets to be integrated quickly — and the Greenbyte platform is perfect for that!

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst,
Ventient Energy

MESSAGE SITE ASSET NAME Stops and warnings last 24 hours POWER PRODUCTION VS. BUDGET 96.2 PERF. 98.24% TIME AVAIL. 6.38 WIND 97247 MWh PRODUCTION Analyze portfolio


Keep a pulse and don’t miss a beat

Stay ahead of the game and detect anomalies early—both existing and impending—with advanced performance monitoring and AI-based predictive analytics.

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Recently, we had an incident where a turbine had curtailed itself by half of its potential output. By setting up custom alerts and email notifications through Greenbyte, we are now able to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst,
Ventient Energy


Optimization is just around the corner

Extract more value from your assets with software designed to help you analyze underperformance, pinpoint issues and reveal opportunities for optimization and cost savings.

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We used to analyze how much money and production we were losing during downtimes, but we were missing out on a bunch of performance losses that were really difficult to find. Now we are able to set up the right KPIs to identify those little things that cost us money.

Yannick Huyghebaert, O&M Team Lead WTG,


Unlock a new level of productivity

Amp up both organization-wide productivity and energy production with a highly customizable system, built on industry-leading best practices, designed to help teams exceed expectations.

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For our asset management team, the system is a real benefit, precisely for the reporting. We don’t only need to be able to report on a monthly or weekly basis, but on a month to date basis. With Greenbyte, by the click of a button, it’s ready!

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst,
Ventient Energy

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