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Ventient Energy quickly flags potential problems with Greenbyte Energy Cloud

Ventient Energy is one the leading generators of renewable power in the UK. Ventient Energy is active in development, funding, construction and operations of renewable assets.

"We chose Greenbyte Energy Cloud because of the cloud functionality as well as the aesthetic of the software and the fact that they have a proactive approach to software development."


With a portfolio of 575 MW of onshore wind and landfill gas Ventient Energy generate 5% of all renewable energy in the UK. Ventient Energy have been using Greenbyte Energy Cloud since mid-2016. The company was directly attracted by the cloud functionality of the service, its aesthetic as well as its proactive approach to software development.

Marcus McGinley is an engineering analyst at Ventient Energy. He warmly recommends the software to wind farms owners with several different manufacturers in their portfolio as it is very convenient to get all information on one single platform as opposed to the OEM SCADA system.

What does your portfolio look like?

We have 21 farms, 5 manufacturers and a total of 400 MW in the UK.

How long have you been using Greenbyte Energy Cloud for?

Since the beginning of 2016.

Why do you use Greenbyte Energy Cloud?

The cloud functionality on a cloud platform, as well as the aesthetics of the software and the fact that Greenbyte has a proactive approach to software development.

How has Greenbyte Energy Cloud changed your way of working?

It is a lot easier to flag potential problems with turbines, as well as that we can take a more graphical approach to weekly reviews.

To whom would you recommend Greenbyte Energy Cloud?

Owners especially, with a lot of manufacturers in their portfolio. Very good to have it on one screen, as opposed to OEM SCADA systems.

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About Ventient Energy

Ventient Energy is a leading renewable power generator and the largest generator from landfill gas in the UK. In view of the challenging decarbonisation targets adopted by the UK government by 2020, we have a unique opportunity to play an active role in building out the UK renewable power generation capacity requirements over the coming decade.

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