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Autoencoders: The next leap forward in fault detection?

The number of sensors in wind turbines keeps growing and will open up new opportunities for monitoring and optimization in the years ahead. In this article, we look at the role that autoencoders could play in detecting faults that operators might otherwise miss.

Pramod Bangalore
Head of Research, Greenbyte

Product News

Customer Data Warehouse - the latest add-on to Greenbyte Platform

Customer Data Warehouse, the Greenbyte platform add-on helping you move and analyze data in designated database servers.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Project Manager, Greenbyte

Industry Trends

Offshore wind has the power to digitalize today

The European Union has committed to grow offshore wind in European waters from 12GW now to 60GW by 2030. This will require a smart approach to digitalization.

Christos Kaidis
Technical Sales Engineer, Greenbyte

Video: The three frontiers to realize true value in renewables

Watch Jonas Corné, CEO of Greenbyte, explore the three frontiers to achieve to realize true value in renewables.

Product News

‘Potential Power Learned’ - a crucial feature to assess lost production in inverters

Utilizing historical data from your assets in combination with machine learning, a novel and more accurate approach to assessing the performance of your sites is now available. Potential Power Learned enables an individual model for each inverter and outperforms traditional potential power calculations.

Johanna Renman
Data Scientist, Greenbyte

Product News

Marketplace Q&A: Niklas Bergh on Customer Data Warehouse

Data is a key currency of business in the 21st century and, as with actual currency, you want to know it’s stored safely and that you can get it when you need it. In this Q&A, we talk to our director of integration architecture Niklas Bergh about our Customer Data Warehouse add-on, which helps companies to move and analyze data safely in designated database servers.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Project Manager, Greenbyte

Video: Hear what Greenbyte's customers have to say

Hear from a few of our customers; Ventient, Parkwind and Total Eren, on how Greenbyte is used in their daily business.


10 steps to 10 years: Our story so far

Greenbyte turned ten years old in October 2020. We haven’t been able to celebrate in person yet – and, frankly, that can’t come soon enough! – but we did want to look at ten steps we took in our first ten years that got us here. By Jonas Corné, CEO.

Jonas Corné
CEO, Greenbyte

Industry Trends

How data-backed dividends help your investors

Are you having problems with your dividends? Perhaps they’re often coming out too high or too low, and damaging relationships with investors and shareholders. Sounds familiar? Then you might have a data problem.

Matthew Lush
Sales Manager, Greenbyte

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