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Marketplace Q&A: Pexapark’s Manuel Damsohn

In our recent blog post, we explained why we have added Pexapark’s daily revenue tracking to our Marketplace of add-on features for the Greenbyte Platform. In this Q&A interview, we talk to Pexapark’s Manuel Damsohn to get his perspective.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

Industry Trends

Digital clarity can unlock Europe’s €750bn recovery

We were meant to be watching Euro 2020 this month. Instead, we are watching a €750bn Covid-19 recovery package start its journey through the European Union. For those of us in the renewable energy and digital industries, these policies will shape our businesses through the 2020s and beyond.

Magnus Henriksson
Chief Growth Officer, Greenbyte

Product News

Power price partnering with Pexapark

In the last month, we added Swiss power price specialist Pexapark’s daily revenue tracking to our Marketplace of add-on features for the Greenbyte Platform. But why do we think this will be of value to our users? We explain all in this blog post.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

Video: The three frontiers to realize true value in renewables

Watch Jonas Corné, CEO of Greenbyte, explore the three frontiers to achieve to realize true value in renewables.

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Industry Trends

Centralized data helps you control assets like Klopp

What if a professional sports team could instantly upload every data point about their players in real time? This would be game-changing for football – and is a reality that exists today for the owners of renewables plants.

Matthew Lush
Sales Manager, Greenbyte

Customer Stories

Terre et Lac looks to Greenbyte to help it support French investment giants

Using the right data isn’t just important for building smart O&M plans. It’s important for building trust with clients too. We spoke to French asset manager Terre et Lac about how it uses data to manage a diverse portfolio for major investors.

Caroline Mizael
Director of Marketing, Greenbyte

Video: Hear what Greenbyte's customers have to say

Hear from a few of our customers; Ventient, Parkwind and Total Eren, on how Greenbyte is used in their daily business.

Corona and and its effect on renewables April 2020

Industry Trends

Corona and and its effect on renewables - April 2020

As many countries are looking forward to opening for business, we are being cautiously optimistic about the future. The renewables industry seems to be only marginally affected by the virus and we wanted to check how the availability across assets installed in the Greenbyte portfolio of renewables has fared in April 2020 vs April 2019.

Jonas Corné
CEO, Greenbyte

Industry Trends

Optimizing existing solar assets is crucial in the time of COVID-19

Digitalization has revolutionized O&M practices in the U.S. renewable energy sector, leading to the development of specialized asset management platforms capable of harnessing large volumes of complex performance monitoring data. Although renewable industries such as wind have embraced digitalization, solar has been slower to adopt more advanced asset management approaches.

Guillaume Mazade
Sales Director, North America, Greenbyte

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