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March 15, 2021 — Company

And (one of) the winners is…

It’s a bad time to win an award – but it’s always good to get recognition. We are delighted that our CEO Jonas Corné features in A Word About Wind’s European Power List, and hope that it helps the industry to remove data deadlocks.

Caroline Mizael
Director of Marketing, Greenbyte

It’s hard to think of a worse time to win an award. No ceremony! No trophy! No party for the winners! But, of course, it’s always a good time to get recognition – and the team at Greenbyte has just received some high praise indeed.

This month, A Word About Wind has named Greenbyte CEO Jonas Corné as one of the 100 most influential people in the European wind industry.

This ranking at 89th in the European Power List’s top 100 makes Jonas the highest-ranked person in the software sector in the list, which is dominated by key players at Europe’s largest developers, investors, manufacturers and utilities.

This shows the important role that Jonas and Greenbyte are playing in changing the ways that wind farms are being managed around the world. Increasingly, operators are looking to smart software to help them improve profitability in wind markets that are increasingly competitive, in which many have to take more risk on power prices.

“Making wind projects more profitable is the top priority for most companies as they seek to retain their competitive edge in a challenging market,” says Richard Heap, editor-in-chief at A Word About Wind and the European Power List.

“Software is an increasingly important part of the wind asset management toolbox, and Jonas is playing a key role in explaining and advocating for the digital shifts that operators can make. We are delighted to feature him in our top 100 for the first time in 2021, which marks ten years of ranking Europe’s most influential people in wind.”

This follows a strong 2020, where Greenbyte has secured a number of major clients despite the challenges for the wind market due to the Covid-19 crisis; and marked its ten-year anniversary.

Greenbyte entered 2021 with 40GW of renewables in Greenbyte Platform, including 10% of all wind capacity in Europe. During 2020, the company won customers such as Glennmont Partners, Ardian, Qair and Encavis, and continued with its mission to combine operational and financial data to show revenue-based availability.

“I am honored to be featured among such a prominent group of renewable energy professionals. My excitement around the opportunities surrounding renewables and digitalization has never been stronger. I wish I had a mustache so that I could now say that I will shave it off when I reach number one!” says Jonas.

“Joking aside, the credit goes to the team at Greenbyte who work tirelessly to deal with the, currently, poor state of data within renewables”

In 2020, Jonas outlined steps that the renewable energy industry, particularly wind and solar, should take by 2025 to lay the groundwork for a revolution in how green energy is managed. He says there are three steps companies must take on data.

First, operators need to be open, so that data can be shared easily through the wind value chain. Second, they must be smart, so they can use data for higher orders of value creation, such as digital twins and electricity production forecasts. Third, they need the process of producing, storing and transporting electricity to be autonomous, so their projects can respond on a real-time basis to fluctuations in the market.

The first step in this is breaking data deadlocks – and we hope the recognition in the European Power List will only further raise awareness of this important debate. You can read more on Jonas’s views here.

Congratulations Jonas!

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