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May 31, 2020 — Industry Trends

Centralized data helps you control assets like Klopp

What if a professional sports team could instantly upload every data point about their players in real time? This would be game-changing for football – and is a reality that exists today for the owners of renewables plants.

Matthew Lush
Sales Manager, Greenbyte

Imagine a world where the owners of professional sports teams were able to instantly upload every data point about the players in their team.

This would allow them to understand in real time their players’ strengths and weaknesses; exactly when and how they should defend or attack; and how prone they are to injury - or better yet, understand exactly when and how they would be injured.

For a competition like the English Premier League this is not needed, at least for now. Team owners employ expert managers and coaching staff who are deeply involved in processing vast amounts of data to help lead teams in the winning direction.

Although this may sound far-fetched or futuristic, this reality exists today for owners of renewable energy plants.

So what makes this possible in renewable energy and not in professional football? In short, the availability of high-quality, trustworthy data and a tool to help realise its potential.

Wind turbines are not football players. They are machines that produce data within a certain degree of predictability. If managed correctly, that data can be processed in a way that allows for instant insights, knowledge and understanding of where operational risks, issues and opportunities lie.

Tactical problems

For an owner in the renewables sector, this proactive approach can be game-changing. In addition, many of their third-party asset managers are now realising the potential in data to help them better manage their projects.

The use of data in different capacities is critical to enable operators, asset managers and owners in their day-to-day activities. But many companies are still fragmented in terms of how they collect, harmonise and act on data about the projects in their portfolios.

Many stakeholders are still stuck with regular data management methods, and believe that insights can only be discovered by throwing people and hours of Excel at the problem.

Many already find it difficult to manage their portfolios. This is because the reports they get on the performance of their projects each month often contain unique language and KPIs. These take time to decipher and that removes any opportunity to action a potentially profit-impacting event in real time.

The equivalent in football terms would be leaving players completely to their own devices and simply reading the match report at the end of the game. This would only allow owners to suggest an approach for the next match, and prevent their manager or coaching staff from making a difference in real time.

This entire process gets even more cumbersome in renewables as portfolios grow, both in terms of megawatts and geographical location. Thankfully, all of these are areas where the Greenbyte Platform can help.

Control it like Klopp

The answer starts with centralised data management. Having all your sites and technologies in one place speaking the same language is the foundation of a proactive asset management approach. We are already providing this as a first step to our customers, which include over 100 IPPs, investment managers, asset managers, and operators, in more than 45 countries.

Of course, having all of your projects on the same platform is one thing. But enabling your sub-suppliers to be reading off the same ‘team sheet’ is another value driver. This enhances the efficiency of their day-to-day activities and thus the performance of your entire portfolio.

Price pressures in the renewable energy industry mean that it has never been more crucial to manage your projects more profitably. The good news is that there’s plenty of information out there if you know how to collate and manage it. With our help, you can make your team pitch perfect.

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