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January 13, 2021 — Product News

Customer Data Warehouse - the latest add-on to Greenbyte Platform

Customer Data Warehouse, the Greenbyte platform add-on helping you move and analyze data in designated database servers.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Project Manager, Greenbyte

Working towards reduced downtime and increased energy production, the Greenbyte platform provides valuable built-in capabilities. The data collected in the platform is also made available via the API and can be used in other processing tools (e.g. Matlab).
However, some Greenbyte users require more flexibility when running local SQL queries or perhaps have existing SQL-based tools. Does this sound interesting or perhaps even familiar? Then the add-on Customer Data Warehouse, available via Greenbyte Marketplace, might be just what you need.

I already analyze my data in Greenbyte - why would I need this?

When using Greenbyte as part of your daily operations, you are able to analyze production losses, pinpoint issues and reveal hidden opportunities for cost savings and optimization. Greenbyte facilitates detailed analysis on device timeseries data collected from all of your renewable assets. This is made possible by supporting extensive built-in analysis capabilities as well as data access over a REST-based API.
For some users, certain types of analysis may be desirable to perform by executing specialized SQL queries on the dataset instead as opposed to on the API.
- Perhaps there is some legacy when it comes to the tools used and they might only be compatible with SQL query data access.
 - In some cases, reporting requirements from a third party or from within the organization means that collected data needs to be presented in an SQL manner.
 - Or maybe this is due to a need from the actual user of the platform. Some Greenbyte customers has personnel that have more extensive knowledge working with SQL queries.
Either way, the Customer Data Warehouse add-on is there to assist with moving and analyzing data safely in designated database servers.

How does it work?

The service is made available by setting up the Greenbyte platform to replicate stored data to an isolated relational database. This database is then solely accessed by the customer, making the data secure while still protecting the core collection.
From a user point of view, there are 2 options for this add-on.
1. Greenbyte can assist by taking full operational responsibility and provisioning over the setup Customer Data Warehouse, all while giving you access remotely to the collected data.
2. The second option gives you full capacity and access to manage the database on your own premises and Greenbyte will stick to feeding your database with freshly collected data points! 

Director of integration architecture at Greenbye, Niklas Bergh, describes it like this:

“You would essentially be able to perform any type of queries against the collected data according to your own individual analysis needs, such as for instance producing key performance indicators, trend information or point-in-time analysis."

Curious to hear more of his thoughts on the Customer Data Warehouse add-on? You can read it here in a Q&A with him on this very topic.

Interested to see how Customer Data Warehouse could possibly leverage your data analysis?
Have a look at our Marketplace or contact your Customer Success Manager!

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