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October 8, 2021 — Company

Diego Coronado on the new training offer for Greenbyte Platform

Getting to grips with the Greenbyte Platform is set to get even easier as we increase our commitment to training. Diego Coronado, our new Training Specialist, explains how.

Josefin Björnvik

Welcome to the team. How are you settling in?

Thank you. Yes, I joined in July 2021 and I’m settling in well. I know some of the team already as I’ve been a user of the Greenbyte Platform for three years. I was previously mechanical and operation engineer for wind energy at CGN Europe Energy, and I have been working in the wind industry for eight years now.

What did you do at CGN Europe?

I think my role will be pretty familiar to most Greenbyte customers! My role at CGN was to use data-driven approaches to identify developing faults in mechanical components. I used the Greenbyte Platform a lot to identify anomalies in wind farms. I also worked with external partners, so I used the Greenbyte API to get data to those partners; I worked closely with our asset managers; and I was also back-up for the remote control center, taking calls and responding to alerts.

So you know many of the challenges for our customers?

Exactly. I’ve joined as a Training Specialist so we can look at how we better train users to get the most out of the Greenbyte Platform. Greenbyte has always done a lot of training, and my job now is to develop that with a focus on the needs of our customers.

What sort of training are we talking about?

It’s a mixture. It’s going to focus on how to use the Greenbyte Platform, but we’re not restricted on what the training material should look like. It could be personalized training for the very advanced functions of the software. For example, API connections with Power BI. Or it could be very basic training on how to use dashboards and widgets, or a simple tutorial.

We’re going to use all materials as our customers have a very wide range of needs. We expect it to include playbooks, bespoke training, and webinars. We want to make it all very simple to use and roll out because that’s how customers will get the most benefit.

Greenbyte has an increasingly global customer base, particularly following joining forces with Power Factors and 3megawatt. How will that affect this training push?

It’s certainly something to be aware of. I’ve just talked to one of our Customer Success Managers and they need us to do training for operational controllers in Brazil. We will need to do that in the local language, which could bring some challenges, but we are fortunate to have a diverse team that helps us look after customers around the world. We’re very focused on how we tailor our training to the needs of our customers.

There’s a bigger point here too. The Power Factors and 3megawatt deals will lead to changes to the Greenbyte Platform in the coming years. However, we know that these systems are mission-critical for you. By providing you with the right training at the right times, we will be able to minimize any potential disruption as we make those changes,

What’s the next step?

At the moment we’re quite reactive while we put our plans in place, but we will become more proactive when the training is standardized, and we have all the materials in place.

My goal now is to work with our customers. Listen when they say ‘I need this’, ‘I want a training session on that’ or ‘I don’t understand how this works’. We already have a lot of the answers from the training we do now, but we want to make it more standardized and user-friendly. We want to help you get the most you can out of the Greenbyte Platform and build for a long-term end-user engagement and community.

So they can get in touch?

Absolutely! I’m really keen to hear your thoughts. I’d love to chat about any ideas that you might have, so drop me a message and we can take it from there. Or as we say in the Customer Success team; your success is our success! 

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