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March 3, 2021 — Product News

New in Greenbyte: Custom Data Push

Manually changing project performance data into new formats to meet the demands of third parties is wasteful. It costs you in time, money and accuracy. Christos Kaidis, technical sales engineer, explains how you can automate it with Custom Data Push.

Christos Kaidis
Technical Sales Engineer, Greenbyte

What is Custom Data Push?

We find that many of our customers need to reliably send data to third parties using a format or schedule that those third parties require. Custom Data Push helps those firms by putting the data into a format that their recipients need, and without the risk and waste that comes with having to manually change it.

Do you have any specific examples?

Yes. There are many situations where renewable energy owners and operators are bound by their contracts to send data at a particular time or in a particular format.

For example, you may need to provide data for a power purchase agreement or due to an obligation to provide electricity forecasts. You may need to provide data about your power generation so that a regulator can work out how much you are owed due to curtailment. These are just a few examples of when you may need to send correct data quickly to work out important payments or to meet contractual obligations.

And what about working with utilities?

Exactly. We’ve done this for customers that need to provide data in a specific format for their interface with large utilities. Those utilities don’t always have the capacity to adapt data provided by each individual operator, and so they expect to receive it in a particular format. Custom Data Push can help operators to customize their data into the right format and then push it out automatically.

Can’t companies make these edits manually?

They can, but most of the time this data is needed as a live feed. You could spend a lot of time getting someone to copy and paste the data into the correct format every ten minutes, but who wants to spend their time doing that?! Having a human being making these edits also increases the risk of human error creeping into the data.

Also, ten minutes is just an example. There is no limit on how frequent this data can be sent: it could be every quarter of an hour, every week, every day, or longer. In the end, it comes down to the data you have and how frequently you need to send it.

What about historic data?

It is possible to adapt and send historic data in this way. It isn’t usually request, as the goal is almost always a live feed, but there will be exceptions if data needs to be re-sent due to downtime or other errors. Either way, we can set it up if we know our customers’ needs and the set-up they need to send their data to third parties.

So let’s say that an operator has accepted that they want to use an automated system to adapt and send their data. Couldn’t they just build it themselves?

They could, and some do by using the Greenbyte API, but editing the data requires programming skills that not every renewable energy operator has.

We typically find that a company orders this service because they don’t have in-house programming resources. For those who don’t have those skills, or don’t want to call on the Greenbyte API for whatever reason, we can help to take the hassle out of the process.

What should companies do if they want to find out more?

The best step is talking to their customer success manager. They can talk about the company’s specific needs and how we can help. Because each situation is unique, it will be a service where we need to provide a bespoke solution and not something we can offer as a simple plug and play, but that’s fine.

Ultimately, this helps to remove data barriers between companies, and enables vital information to flow more freely.

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