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October 8, 2018 — Company

Greenbyte Forum 2018 reflections

As tradition would have it the Greenbyte Forum ended with a sentimental speech by yours truly. Sentimental because so many amazing and intelligent people gathered in one place to talk about renewable energy and Greenbyte’s role in the ongoing revolution to work for a future powered by renewable energy.

Jonas Corné
CEO, Greenbyte

Two real highlights for me were the presentations by Element Power and Eneco. Rory Quinn from Element Power explained how they are using Breeze to monitor availability contracts with improvements of around 1% in availability. It was also fascinating to see how advanced Element Power are in monitoring Active Power Control and Frequency Droop using Alerts. Take a look at Rory's presentation here. Bas van den Kieboom from Eneco explained in detail how they are using Greenbyte APIs to feed internal analytics algorithms powered by R, Matlab and Excel together with Breeze Predict in their ruthless endeavor to identify underperforming wind turbines and potential component failures.

To see customers use Greenbyte products to boost renewable energy production and providing quantifiable evidence in the shape of more MWHs was very inspiring.

I already look forward to the next Greenbyte Forum. In the meantime I will look back at pictures from Greenbyte Forum 2018 available here.

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