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November 12, 2019 — Product News

Greenbyte Launches ‘Marketplace’ to Accelerate Software Innovation for Renewable Energy

By opening up the Greenbyte platform to third-party software developers, Greenbyte seeks to catalyse a new generation of smart asset management and performance optimisation tools

Eliane Pohl
Director of Product, Greenbyte

Gothenburg, 12th November 2019 – Greenbyte, a developer and enabler of smart data software to drive productivity in renewables, has today launched the Greenbyte Marketplace. The Marketplace – currently in ‘beta’ phase – is an industry-first initiative that opens up performance data in order to accelerate software innovation for the renewable energy sector.  

By opening up the Greenbyte platform to third-party software developers, always with the explicit permission of client data owners, Greenbyte aims to create an accessible fast-track through which developers of highly specialised software applications can bring advanced new tools to the market. Users of the Greenbyte platform in turn benefit from access to a range of third-party and Greenbyte-developed ‘add-ons’ to achieve greater functionality, value extraction and better-informed operational and financial decision-making. 

Data management, monitoring and analysis is rapidly growing in sophistication across the global renewable energy market, but the pace of innovation needs to increase further to meet the evolving demands of asset and portfolio operators. Open and collaborative approaches to software development will be required to avoid creating ‘data dead-ends’ and continue to deliver vital performance and productivity gains.  

Applications already on offer to Greenbyte's users through the Greenbyte Marketplace include i4SEE Performance, an add-on built by Austrian company i4SEE TECH to detect and diagnose suboptimal wind turbine performance. Slovak company Solargis is another early partner, whose Solar Power Monitor and Forecast tools provide accurate real-time and historical irradiance data for independent performance evaluations, and PV power production forecasts for better-informed maintenance scheduling and reporting to grid operators. 

The Greenbyte Marketplace pipeline includes further applications in areas such as predictive maintenance, power price forecasting, performance benchmarking and life extension. Marketplace will also offer free integrations to other leading software services in regular use by renewable energy businesses. 

“The launch of Greenbyte Marketplace brings Greenbyte's platform another step closer to becoming the datahub for global renewables and a single, user-friendly source of truth for asset owners and operators working across all technologies,” said Jonas Corné, CEO, Greenbyte. 

“Marketplaces and ‘app stores’ have already driven innovation across industries ranging from music to accounting to CRM, successfully opening up these markets to pioneering and creative software developers. In each case, the user experience is enriched through open data and collaborative innovation.  Our aim is to bring this collaboration and creativity to the renewables space, helping us fight climate change with code.” 

“As we move through the ‘beta’ phase in 2019, Greenbyte Marketplace will unlock advanced data functionality for over 2000 renewable energy facilities worldwide. That’s just the start”. 

Greenbyte Marketplace will be showcased to customers at the Greenbyte Forum, taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 26-27th November. Further information is available at

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