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January 14, 2020 — Press Releases

Kallista Energy Chooses Greenbyte to Future-Proof It's Wind Farm Monitoring

French IPP uses datahub to monitor and optimise asset performance for a growing portfolio of wind farms.

Caroline Mizael
Director of Marketing, Greenbyte

Paris, 14th January 2019 – Kallista Energy, an independent power producer (IPP) of renewable energy, has chosen Greenbyte’s data platform to upgrade and reinforce its wind farm monitoring capacity as it expects its 213MW wind energy portfolio in France to grow in the coming years. Greenbyte platform will act as a comprehensive ‘datahub’ from which Kallista Energy can monitor asset performance, identify anomalies and tackle emerging issues.

With a large, established renewable energy asset base in long-term operation across France, developing advanced asset management approaches is essential for IPPs like Kallista Energy seeking to stay lean and efficient. While many still rely on bespoke in-house monitoring software, French owners and operators of wind and solar portfolios are increasingly turning to more versatile and future-proof platforms offered by independent providers such as Greenbyte.

By adopting Greenbyte – a monitoring and asset management platform that continues to evolve over time – Kallista Energy wants to ensure that it is ready for continued development of its asset management capabilities. Greenbyte will enable the IPP to more easily regulate operations and maintenance (O&M) schedules and support its commitment to high-quality technical performance standards.

Kallista Energy will also benefit from a more comprehensive overview of data from across its portfolio. Drawing data from all on-site systems, the user-friendly dashboards within Greenbyte platform enable swift identification of emerging issues before they have a long-term impact on asset and portfolio performance. In this way, Kallista Energy can enhance its risk management strategy and overall decision-making, ensuring the company can continue to deliver electricity at a competitive price.

Guillaume Mazade, Sales Manager for France, Greenbyte, said: “With an established, maturing renewable energy asset base in France, IPPs can continue to add value to their portfolios by optimizing their existing assets to ensure maximum availability and returns for investors. It’s important that these firms embrace software solutions that will give them the long-term flexibility to take advantage of the most advanced asset management approaches.”

“With a growing portfolio, we needed a reliable and scalable asset monitoring system to maintain our quality standards. We are looking forward to working with Greenbyte as they have a versatile and user-friendly technology backed by very good customer service and technical assistance.”, said Erwann Euzenat, Director of Operations, Kallista Energy.

Following the launch of Greenbyte Marketplace this month, Kallista Energy and other users of Greenbyte will be able to further ‘future proof’ their portfolios with the ability to select from a range of highly specialized third-party software applications, designed specifically to enhance asset performance management.

Having been active in the French market for 5 years, Greenbyte is an established presence, with 2GW of installed renewable energy capacity now managed using Greenbyte platform, by established clients including CGN Europe Energy, Total Eren, JPEE, and Eurocape.

About Kallista Energy Group 

Based in Paris, France, Kallista Energy is an independent producer of competitively priced renewable energy since 2005.  
Kallista Energy currently operates 20 wind farms in France. Its activities encompass internal project development, external growth through acquisitions, financing, construction, operation, asset management and repowering of wind farms. 
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