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July 6, 2021 — Product News

Marketplace Q&A: Morgane Barthod on Wind Power Forecast

Do you want ultra-accurate forecasts on how much power your wind farms will produce in the week ahead? In this Q&A, we find out from meteo*swift’s founder Morgane Barthod on the Wind Power Forecast add-on in Greenbyte Marketplace.

Lisa Åsehäll Syversen
Marketing Director, Greenbyte

How did meteo*swift come about?

I co-founded meteo*swift in 2015 to use artificial intelligence to provide ultra-accurate forecasts on renewable energy production for electricity producers, traders and grid operators. We can forecast how much energy a wind farm will produce for the hours and days ahead, up to a week ahead.

We provide deterministic and probabilistic forecasts, i.e. either a curve or confidence intervals, because these are useful to take decisions. We would usually update the forecast every day or hour but can do every 15 minutes if the customers needs it.

How do customers typically use these forecasts?

We’re all familiar with the energy transition and the fact we have more intermittent energy sources, so companies need visibility on this intermittency to do a good job of grid balancing. Our customers use these to help with scheduling maintenance; to manage their power purchase agreements; to manage their cashflows; and so on.

We work with aggregators, traders and generators, and we can also work with grid operators to help them to balance the electricity grid. We currently work with Ørsted on over 1 GW of offshore wind, as well as Total, Boralex, Qair, EDP and others.

You are offering a service called Wind Power Forecast in the Greenbyte Marketplace. How did that come about?

We started working with Greenbyte last year. Our partnership is definitively an added value for our customers. The quality of data shared through Greenbyte API allows us achieve top forecasting performances and our customers can easily monitor their asset through a single interface. We have a growing demand for this powerful combination.

What does the Wind Power Forecast add-on do?

Wind Power Forecast gives customers visibility on what’s going to happen with production at wind farms, and what differs us from others is this is mainly based on artificial intelligence. That’s a strong differentiator for us. We have six PhDs, mainly in AI, several people with a meteorological background, and good knowledge of renewable energy and energy trading. That helps us design the best forecasts.

What do you mean when you say ‘best’ forecasts?

There are two aspects that set us apart.

The first is we can offer tailor-made forecasts to customers, which can be adapted to take into consideration factors including the user’s trading scheme, for example. We can tailor our forecasts to offer zero bias, which some customers want. Others want an emphasis on ramp events, other extreme events, or curtailments. These are all topics we have studied and so we can propose different options for customers.

The second very big differentiator is the accuracy of our forecasts. A lot of customers make a benchmark before they issue a contract, so we’ve done a lot of them, and we are usually in the top two. This is true for onshore and offshore wind.

Are you seeing increased demand for AI-based forecasts?

Yes. There are lots of things you can do with a decent mix of AI, meteorology skills, and a good knowledge of trading schemes and the renewable sector. Momentum is certainly growing because more companies and countries are seeing what’s at stake with grid balancing and renewable energy forecasting. This is an area where we see the demand for AI solutions is just going to get stronger.

And you have a global presence too?

Definitely. We have ten weather models – global and local – and we are currently in 17 countries, including in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

So far, we have grown by working with big companies who have portfolios in several countries. We usually ask them where they’re least satisfied with power forecasts, and which markets are proving the most painful, and then they send us there. That is how we started developing and we’re always looking for new opportunities, so we’re looking forward to working with Greenbyte customers to grow further.

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