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June 22, 2020 — Product News

Marketplace Q&A: Pexapark’s Manuel Damsohn

In our recent blog post, we explained why we have added Pexapark’s daily revenue tracking to our Marketplace of add-on features for the Greenbyte Platform. In this Q&A interview, we talk to Pexapark’s Manuel Damsohn to get his perspective.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

What can Pexapark add to the Greenbyte Platform?

Our Pexapark Energy Sales Report add-on enables you to track daily revenue from your renewable assets, and this partnership is fantastic because we have absolutely complementary systems. There is basically no overlap between the systems. It is a logical extension to the Greenbyte system as we move into open markets.

Why is this relevant in the current market?

In former times you had a fixed price and it was very easy to calculate the returns in your wind or solar portfolio. In open markets, it can become quite cumbersome, but we have the experience. We have people who know how to read legal contracts and can get the right formula, which shows the returns that operators got at their assets – even with price fluctuations throughout the day. And we have started to model your portfolio risk, expecting to finish by end of year.

How does it work at the moment?

We’re very closely integrated. Greenbyte sends us production figures, and we send back revenue figures based on that. It’s a daily update done automatically overnight.

The system is still quite young so we don’t yet have an API [application programming interface] where they could feed from, so we do a file exchange from an FTP server. It’s as automatic. It’s just not as fancy. But we have done a pilot project and pulled it off in less than four weeks from A to Z, so that is quite fast in my opinion.

So it’s been a quick tie-up?

Yes. We are both quite young companies with agile-minded people that get things done. We have similar working cultures that went really well together.

We started to discuss a partnership in September, and we flew up to the Greenbyte Forum in November. That’s where we decided to try a demo project, and in March we implemented it. It’s just beneficial for each of the companies’ clients. We’ve been working to implement this with three clients so far – and are expecting many more.

Where do you expect the partnership to be in six months’ time?

Greenbyte is obviously really well established in the market. We’re sure we can add value to more of its clients and, technically, we’re looking to add more sophisticated calculations. Right now we can feed back on asset revenue, but in the future we’re looking at e.g. calculating lost revenue due to maintenance shut-downs and similar KPIs.

It is a journey with our clients where we are still exploring how we can add more value through this partnership.

We’ve seen in recent years that wind and solar operators have had to contend with slimmer profit margins, and we see more volatility in energy prices due to the Covid-19 pandemic. How can this help companies against that backdrop?

The clients we have currently have a real need of consolidating all data of their portfolio. For example, big companies that have bought little firms here and there over the last few years see real potential on improving their assets’ performance.

Ultimately, risk management is a portfolio game with correctly applied hedging strategies, and this data consolidation helps operators to better manage those risks. This is currently being driven by the corporates, who I think see a real need, but I’m sure it can bring benefits to all types of companies, because we are moving into operating with revenue models that are fully exposed to the volatility of the power market.

And integrating this into those companies’ systems is key.

Absolutely, and each other’s systems. We see that across all the app industry. If you don’t integrate well with others, this is going to be your end at a certain point in time. It’s all about interconnecting and being ready to interconnect with other systems.

Greenbyte’s vision for this in its Marketplace was extremely important. It was great to see such a company that’s thriving, and to see the genuine interest that they shared in Pexapark. They know the market is changing. They don’t necessarily know where it’s going to end up yet – who of us does? – but it’s a very exciting partnership.

Interested in learning more? Check out the add-on on Greenbyte Marketplace, here.

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