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July 6, 2020 — Product News

Marketplace Q&A: Staffan Lindahl on Actionable Insights as a Service

Did you know there’s an add-on to the Greenbyte Platform that gives deeper insights into your projects? In this Q&A, we hear more about Actionable Insights as a Service from Staffan Lindahl at Bitbloom, which we work with on this Marketplace extra.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

When did you begin working with Greenbyte?

I’ve been working in wind power for 15 years, always with operating assets, and I set up a business in 2016. We merged with another firm last year to become Bitbloom. We started talking to Greenbyte last autumn, so we’ve been providing this service for Greenbyte’s customers for about half a year.

Bitbloom has quite a few customers who are also Greenbyte customers, and they do use our systems regularly as part of their operations monitoring or control rooms.

What does ‘actionable insights’ mean?

We all know wind turbines create a lot of data, and there are a lot of people trying to make use of that data. It’s a common feeling from owners that they spend time, effort and cash on this, but are then unable to translate this into something that increases the value of their projects.

What we do is distil the data and, rather than only presenting numbers and chats, we convert it to give single paragraphs of recommended actions, and help prioritise the actions in terms of impact and difficulty to implement – the ‘actionable insights’.

How do you get hold of this data?

Our systems connect directly to Greenbyte’s, so we can access whatever data they have given us access to and then apply our analysis to that. That could be a one-off health check for a system or more regular monitoring every day, week or month.

In a couple of button clicks, we can pull down data from the Greenbyte Platform and add it to whatever analysis those clients might be interested in.

What sort of analysis could that include?

Our systems are built with flexibility in mind. So, it can look at the usual metrics, such as turbine availability, performance, energy loss, component health monitoring, predictive modelling, and so on. The basic metrics.

But where our analytics differ from the systems that most operators are used to is that they can help operators to analyse specific targeted pain points at their projects. We can tailor our system to pinpoint and highlight specific metrics at a far deeper level than a generic second-layer SCADA system can. And then we work closely with operators to help drive through the necessary changes.

But why are these bespoke insights needed?

Two wind farms utilising the same of very similar turbine technology will often have different issues affecting them just because they’re in different places with different operations teams under different external influences. A one-size-fits all approach can cover a lot of things, but not if you want to really optimise a project. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are part of our processes, but we use an experienced human in the final steps to interpret analysis outputs and convert to actionable insights.

Actionable Insights as a Service can be seen as a plug-in for any specific advanced calculation that you might want to do on a project.

Do you work with customers to help them find the right approach?

Yes. We’re not trying to specify up front the analysis process or the content of the analysis that the customer should apply. We work with the customer to understand what they need from the additional analytics – essentially, what is missing from what they already have – and then we develop bespoke analysis within our platform system to provide that. Our system is designed to enable quick development and deployment of new analysis into a production workflow.

We then work regularly with the customer to review and interpret the findings of the deployed analytics, and help them to identify changes that could boost returns.

When operators work with us, we want to provide the tools that gives them the freedom to do whatever analysis they see as appropriate. They might have unique ideas, and we want to build tools that turn those ideas into an actual application.

Is this only aimed at those with deep technical knowledge?

No. Certainly the software systems that we have developed and which we use as a backbone of this service, they do require a fair amount of domain knowledge and analytics skills. For organisations that have the skills and other resources in-house to do this, they are welcome to license these systems as a pure software solution.

But where AIaaS comes in is for organisations that have some sort of constraint on their resources to come up with the insights themselves. Perhaps they don’t have people in their organisation skilled at doing that deep analysis, or they’re short on time. Whatever it is, we can step in and turn the in-depth technical data into actions. We can do the job that in-depth technical staff would have done.

Interested in learning more? Check out the add-on on Greenbyte Marketplace, here.

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