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October 1, 2020 — Product News

Marketplace Q&A: Eliane Pohl on Greenbyte’s Taxonomy add-on

Do you want to know which troublesome turbine parts are doing the most damage to your portfolio’s profits? Now you can. In this Q&A, we chat to our director of product management Eliane Pohl about how our Taxonomy add-on helps you do just that.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

What is the Taxonomy add-on?

We built Taxonomy with offshore developer and operator Parkwind. They needed to know how much lost production could be attributed to different turbine parts. That is what Taxonomy does: it shows which parts are failing and how much they cost you.

This is very important in offshore wind. It’s extremely expensive to get technicians to turbines. You don’t want to send them more often than you have to. If you recognize that a specific component repeatedly causes you a problem then, rather than fixing it on just one turbine, you can replace it on all of the turbines at the same time.

Does the same logic apply onshore as well?

Definitely. There are of course differences between onshore and offshore wind, but the basic principle that we use here is the same. If you can track failures over time then you can be smarter about when you do maintenance, and avoid breakdowns before they happen. It can also help you to make purchasing decisions and, if you take on an existing wind farm, it can tell you which parts of the turbines break down frequently.

How does it help with purchasing decisions?

One way to think about it is that if I’m buying a car, then when looking at different brands, I’d always hear things like: ‘Oh, this model is known to have electrical problems’ or ‘There’s a transmission problem with this one.’ It’s just a known entity when you deal with a particular manufacturer or model. It means you are aware of problems that might come up and what to do if that happens.

This is the same concept. You have mechanical moving parts on turbines, and you want to know which components will give you problems before you buy, especially as it isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s about making money.

How does the Taxonomy add-on work?

The Taxonomy add-on classifies all the parts that make up a turbine. This goes from, for example, the gearbox at the highest level down to the individual circuit boards at the lowest level. There are five levels of hierarchy classifying every individual part.

Each of these parts has a sensor in it. This means that if you had a problem with the gearbox, you could trace that error and find out which particular part in the gearbox you’re having a problem with. It also means you can see how much production was lost as a result of that failure and, ultimately, how much it cost you.

How do you classify all of those parts?

The taxonomy that we use is based on the ‘industry standard reference designation system for power plants (RDS-PP), which categorizes each type of part you’d find in a turbine. There are 155 types of parts in all, and everything you find in a turbine will be on that list. We will then map each of those parts to the turbine performance data so that when you see an error code, you can see which individual part it came from.

But the Taxonomy add-on also gives you flexibility, by giving you the option to add your own taxonomies as well as letting you choose how to calculate lost energy.

It also gives you flexibility in how you analyse that lost production. You can look at it from full portfolio, by geography, by turbine maker, by wind farm, by turbine type, and so on. Basically, it’s all the levels you’d expect from Greenbyte Platform.

How does this link with Greenbyte Platform?

I’ve been heavily involved since that initial work with Parkwind, and it has obviously been very important for us to make sure it works seamlessly. The Taxonomy add-on is available through our ‘app store’ – Greenbyte Marketplace – and we’re confident that this answers a real commercial demand.

Interested to see how you can leverage Taxonomy to suit your needs? Check out our Marketplace! You can also get Parkwind's view on Taxonomy in this Customer story!

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