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January 29, 2021 — Product News

Platform Q&A: Eliane Pohl on Greenbyte’s Developer Portal

How do you pull real-time data and status information out of the Greenbyte Platform? Eliane Pohl, our director of product management, has the answer. In this article, she discusses our API – and the Developer Portal that helps to unravel its mysteries.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Project Manager, Greenbyte

What is the Developer Portal?

We launched our Developer Portal in 2020 to help customers to export data from the Greenbyte Platform through the API (Application Programming Interface).

The Greenbyte API lets you automate repetitive tasks. Instead of manually looking up data for many devices and data signals, for example, you can write an application that downloads this data on a schedule before performing custom analysis on it. This helps you to draw out real-time data and status information about how your wind and solar assets are performing, and then integrate it with third-party systems.

The Developer Portal is where we provide documentation about the API that will help you to get started. This includes a step-by-step tutorial, code samples, and extensive HTTP documentation. You can find all of this at:

How does the API help customers?

The API is an interface and, right now, it helps our customers to get information out if they need it for more advanced reporting and analytics. You can only access the API through HTTPS based on your client-specific URL; and there are also extra layers of authentication for some specific queries too. We know how important security is.

It’s also currently a one-way API. That means it’s read-only, so you can’t yet use the API to put data into our system, although that’s coming. In the Developer Portal, we share guides on how to use the API and we are due to publish more very soon

So, the API and Portal both keep evolving?

Yes, they have to. We know that renewables and technology aren’t sectors that can stand still, and most of our improvements come in response to customer requests.

Nice. Any examples?

Here’s one: we’ve just made it so that you can get task data out of the API. This has been one of the most popular feature requests from customers.

Last month, we launched the first five Plan endpoints for the API, which make it easier for you to extract data from our system in these five areas: tasks, task comments, downtime events, site accesses, and device accesses.

These are all areas that are fundamental for operators to understand if they are running their wind and solar assets efficiently, and to maximize their profitability.

These all sit within what we call our Plan module. Essentially, it helps customers to call on data about repairs they need to make; when they need to send people on site to make repairs; and logs when people are actually going into the turbines.

Are you planning to add new endpoints and other improvements?

Yes, we will soon. We’re working on making it possible to use UTC time in the API so that data is extracted in a uniform timezone.

We’re also adding more Plan endpoints to list organizations, task categories, and task file information, and to download task files.

We’ll make sure to keep the Developer Portal updated with any news about the API, and of course we’ll let you know about changes in the release notes, too. We think this is really exciting as it helps people use our Platform in new ways.

What can customers do if they have requests?

If you’ve got other things you’d like to see in Greenbyte products – whether that’s the Platform, the API or something else – you can get in touch via the Influence portal. From Greenbyte select Help > Suggest a Feature. You can vote on other requests, too.

We receive about ten customer requests for improvements to all of our systems each month, and last year we were able to deliver on 20 of the most impactful. We saw that new API endpoints were very popular. Yes, it might not sound very sexy, but we know how important it is for our users, so it’s great to be able to get it out there.

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