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September 22, 2020 — Product News

Taxonomy - the latest add-on to Greenbyte Platform

Taxonomy is the add-on that gives users the ability to assign energy losses to specific components, setting the stage for informed decision making and strategic portfolio management.

Josefin Björnvik
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

'A ‘helicopter perspective’, informed decisions and strategic portfolio management.'
Component failures in wind turbines cause a significant amount of energy loss every year. Locating and replacing the component at fault can be a costly process, especially when talking about offshore where it’s extremely expensive to get technicians out to the turbines.
Working towards reduced downtime and increased energy production requires informed decision-making as even the smallest technical issue can have a large impact on production and revenue. The Taxonomy add-on acknowledges this by giving you the tools to answer questions such as:

How much energy are we losing due to downtime?

Greenbyte Platform is designed to help you analyze production losses, pinpoint issues and reveal hidden opportunities for cost savings and optimization. Giving your team the ability to focus on performance analysis rather than data collection and lengthy processing. The Taxonomy add-on ties in with the platform by providing the option of analyzing losses due to downtime at a more granular level.

Which components account for these losses?

Using the same quantification as when analyzing energy losses, it’s possible to calculate losses per component and really get to the bottom of which parts are causing your headache. With Taxonomy, you get insight as to how much downtime and lost production is due to a specific part of the turbine.
This is made possible by every component providing specific fault codes, meaning that every error can be traced and mapped back to that specific troublesome part.
Taxonomy works by mapping out all the individual components that make up the wind turbine, creating a hierarchy of five levels, starting at the individual circuit boards and with the gearbox at the highest level, to give an example.
This means that you don’t have to settle for accepting that the gearbox is causing trouble, but actually being able to pinpoint which part of the gearbox is the culprit.
By default, Greenbyte Taxonomy comes pre-populated with the most frequent link between status code and component according to RDS-PP so that the categorization is automated.

Can we reduce future losses or prevent the same failures?

This is where the use of the Taxonomy add-on gets really interesting from a portfolio perspective. Utilizing a standard taxonomy for all assets enables users to analyze production from various different aspects, considering geography, OEM, wind farm and type of turbine. When data regarding energy loss per component is looked at with all assets in view, patterns will start to appear. Some components might stand out as consistent causes of failures and loss of revenue.
Remember those expensive technicians mentioned above? With information regarding consistently failing components at hand, rather than asking said technicians to replace the component currently at fault, you might want to have them all replaced, preventing them from causing issues down the line.

Strategic portfolio management

The information collected gives a potential advantage in conversations with manufacturers. Data showing a certain component by a specific make causing multiple failures over time, you are able to request solutions and technical advancement based on actual facts.
Taxonomy enables the user a full “helicopter perspective” where it’s possible to compare turbines, turbine types and gain an increased understanding of every single part of the turbine to ensure increased production and eventually, increased revenue.

Interested to see how Taxonomy could leverage your portfolio management?
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