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October 18, 2018 — Product News

The race to 2019 - What’s new in Greenbyte Energy Cloud?

The last sprint of this year will be an explosive one! Greenbyte Energy Cloud will be packed with new features and improvements by the end of 2018 and there is no one more qualified than our Product Manager, Eliane Pohl, to give us the scoop!

Sofia Pyrgioti
Marketing Coordinator, Greenbyte

Get the news straight from the Product corner! Eliane Pohl is Greenbyte’s new Product Manager and her vision for Greenbyte Energy Cloud is stability, integrity and innovation. Eliane is Swiss-born and US-raised and has been living in Scandinavia for the past 20 years. She has over 10 years of experience in software product management and technical writing. Eliane unveils all about the upcoming features and their benefits in Greenbyte Energy Cloud and explains how Greenbyte Energy Cloud users can impact new features. Enjoy the ride!

Curtailment under the microscope

“Over the last year, one of the things that we’ve been working on is improving our functionality around curtailments. We added curtailment statuses and the ability to calculate lost production for those statuses; that way it’s now possible to see lost production per curtailment type. For example, you can always know how much production you lost to bat curtailment or noise curtailment or whatever other kinds you may have.

What we’re doing now is adding a curtailment administration center, which lets you create different curtailment schemes and apply those to sites or individual turbines. This makes it easier for you to manage the prioritization and compensation of curtailment events. It also enables you to determine whether those curtailments should be considered in availability calculations. In other words, you can create a scheme that combines any number of different curtailment types, whether it is Einspeisemanagement in Germany or noise curtailments, apply those to your sites and easily push them through so that they are active at the right times for those sites.

That functionality works hand in hand with our Multiple Power Curves feature, where you can create conditional power curves for curtailment types, so that those curtailments are taken into account for performance calculations. If you look at the big picture around the work we are doing with curtailments, we basically ensure that you can calculate lost productions per curtailment types, you can consider curtailments in your availability calculations and you can take curtailments into account for performance calculations. That gives you a great overview of how curtailments are impacting your business!”

Notifications: you snooze, you still win!

“Another really important upcoming feature is the improvements that we are making around task notifications. Up until now, it has been possible to set up notifications on overdue tasks or when a new task is created. One thing that we are adding is the ability to send a notification, letting an assignee or anyone else involved know that a task is about to be due. In other words, instead of notifying you that “you’re already late on this task!”, the notification will let you know that you have said task due tomorrow, or in two days or however you set that notification up! That way, you’re made aware of the task that you either manage or are responsible for in advance.

As part of that, we are setting up this idea of default notifications on different tasks. For example, if you have a specific maintenance task, you can set up a default notification so that whenever a task of that type is created, the same people are notified in the same ways: either by email or through the mobile app and to let them know that this task is upcoming or overdue. You can set this sort of granularity on the task type and that default will just apply to any tasks of that type. If you want, you can always overwrite the default when you create a task, to let different people know, or set up a different kind of notification!

Basically, the idea is that we want to help you have a better overview of the tasks that you manage or the tasks that you are responsible for, so that you can make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.”

Overview Dashboard - Pick-your-own

“Another thing we want to make available is to make sure that you have a super nice overview of your portfolio or your site. It’s always been possible to have a great overview dashboard. That overview dashboard has been static; in other words, it was predetermined which widgets are available and what kind of information you could show. What we’re doing now is making it customizable! We know these dashboards are important to you, we know that you show them in your lobby as people are coming in, in your foyer, or in high level meetings, where you want to provide a really nice, good-looking, high-level overview of your site.

We want to make it possible for you to show the information that’s most important in the context that you’re in. For example, if you have a different visitor coming, and you want to show something relevant for them on your dashboard, we are now making that possible. So you can decide which widgets you show, which assets you want to pull in to those widgets, and present your portfolio in the best way possible.”

Have a say!

“We are always working hard to try to collect information about what’s important to our users. The best way for users to submit ideas for new features that they want to see or improvements, is to go to the Help menu in Greenbyte Energy Cloud, and select “request a feature”. That will take them to our Influence system, where they can either request a feature or see requests other users have made and vote on those. That is super valuable for us, because we can see which features are going to add the most value for each of our users.”


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