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October 15, 2021 — Product News

Time for Time Zone analysis

You can now display performance data about your wind and solar farms in the time zone where the asset is located. This is how it works and how you can use it.

Jemima Woolverton

What is Site Time?

This is a feature that we have recently added to the Greenbyte Platform. That enables you to monitor your assets’ performance data in the time zone where the asset is based. It’s called ‘Site Time’ because it refers to the local time of the actual site of the wind or solar farm where your project is located. Simple enough, right?

How will this help users?

Historically, when users bought Greenbyte, we imported their data into the system in their preferred time zone. This meant that all the data related to that company was seen in only one time zone. Typically, this was the location of the head office or the country in which the assets were based. In the system, we call this ‘Company Time’.

Now, this worked well when users had all of their assets in one country or time zone, but the renewables market has changed. Most of our users now have portfolios that span in multiple time zones, which means that sticking only with ‘Company Time’ is an obstacle to do a quick analysis of the assets. It makes it difficult for users to analyze how their assets are performing relative to the local time, which is particularly important for solar farms in relation to sunrise and sunset. The addition of the ‘Site Time’ feature solves this problem.

Users now have the option to choose between ‘Company Time’ and ‘Site Time’ in most of the Greenbyte Platform.

Who will this be useful for?

Everyone! We have conducted many user interviews, and the majority of those whom we spoke to said that they wanted to see performance data in the local time zone. In most parts of the site, we are now giving this as an option alongside ‘Company Time’, as we know that both options can be useful depending on what you’re doing.

We can’t think of any user who won’t benefit from this feature at some point.

How do I make it work?

‘Site Time’ is added as an option onto most of our pages in the Greenbyte Platform. You can choose between this and ‘Company Time’ from a simple drop-down menu, from that perspective, there’s nothing special to do to make it work. You can pick between ‘Company Time’ and ‘Site Time’ at Project or device level.

Presently, the one major exception is the ‘Monitor / Portfolio’ page. If you want to keep looking at the performance of your whole portfolio in one go, then it makes sense to keep comparing the assets in just ‘Company Time’. At pages where it is not possible to select ‘Site Time’, we’ve added a ‘Company Time’ badge.

What about when I’m exporting data?

One of the first areas of the Greenbyte Platform where we have rolled out time zones is in the export data function, because this is of paramount importance for almost all of our customers.

On our Export Data page, we have added a new column where you can see the time zone for each asset in the export. When you are setting the details for your export, you can choose between ‘Company Time’, ‘Site Time’, and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) in the time zone drop-down menu. You can find more information about this in our Release Notes.

Otherwise, everything in the Platform should be the same. We trust that this all makes sense but, if you have any questions, please get in touch.


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