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Customer Success at Greenbyte

As CSMs, which is how cool people refer to us, we make sure our customers are successful in working with our products and blow their competition out of the water.

Our mission

We love our system and train our customers in its use. We make sure they know their way around Greenbyte services and make sure they are heard within the organization (and trust us, they can sometimes be loud).

What we do

We are the link between Greenbyte’s services and users. We listen, teach, train, advise, update, report, fix… we are jacks of all trades - and master them all.

Customer onboarding

We get involved with new customers from day one. Our first mission, onboarding them and making sure their assets get installed as fast as possible in Greenbyte Energy Cloud.

Product training

When companies shrewdly choose us, we are the ones showing them every corner of the software. Online sessions, on-site visits... anything, to train our neophyte customers and make sure 'they’ve got this'!

Hang-up walkthrough

At Greenbyte as well, things are not always peachy; sometimes, our users run into issues they need help to fix. Fear not, the CSMs are here. We listen attentively and show our users ways around any issues!

Feedback incorporation

We are in constant communication with our customers and make sure that the precious information and feedback we gather flow through the entire organization and help Greenbyte provide even better services.

Customer check-ins

We often give our customers a shout, just to see how things are! We make sure that they are happy and enthusiastic about our service and that they are utilizing it to its full extent.

Continuous updating

Greenbyte Energy Cloud is constantly improved and updated with new ssssmokin’ features. We ensure that our customers are aware of everything and anything new and how to make brilliant use of it.

Become a Greenbyter

At Greenbyte, we work closely together to accomplish great things. We trip, fall, fight, win, and conquer together, all day, every day. Does that resonate with you? Check out our open positions!

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