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Human Resources at Greenbyte

In the Human Resources team, we believe that a great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Our mission

We aim to make Greenbyte a great workplace and take care of Greenbyters in the best way possible. We keep our eyes open to find the most passionate people out there to join our tribe, and trust us, we know one when we see one!

What we do

The core of what we do is being there for Greenbyters and making sure that you get to become the very best version of yourself!

Work life improvement

Greenbyters' happiness is our bullseye. We do everything in our power to make your professional life as great as possible, whether that means protecting your work/life balance or throwing an awesome party.

Talent spotting

Greenbyte is always on the lookout - and it's our jam! We collaborate with the entire organization to define the next exciting open position and ask the right questions to the potential new Greenbyters.

Personal development

Education never stops at Greenbyte. Developing our skills is at the core of our values and we are here to support that. To fullfill our ambitious mission, we need all Greenbyters to be the best version of themselves!

Personnel administration

Hooray, you're a Greenbyter! We are in charge of onboarding you and to ensure that you are happy and that you love it here. We will also assist you with all benefits that come with working at Greenbyte.

Sustainability initiative

Greenbyte acts for a better world - HR is involved! We make sure that our company is on track and developing our sustainability vision, and we find new and better ways to make Greenbyte, well, greener!

Culture champions

We are the embodiment of Greenbyte's amazing culture. We live and breathe our company's values and we encourage them in every Greenbyter. We believe culture is the sum of all our behaviors!

Become a Greenbyter

At Greenbyte, we work closely together to accomplish great things. We trip, fall, fight, win, and conquer together, all day, every day. Does that resonate with you? Check out our open positions!

Stay connected to @Greenbyte

Follow the Greenbyters at work and in the wild to learn more about our company and culture!

Save the date! Greenbyte Forum 2019 is coming!

Hear from and get inspired by leaders in our industry, attend educational breakout sessions, and get up to speed on everything Greenbyte while meeting your brilliant peers who, like yourself, leverage data analytics to drive innovation and business growth.

Nov 26-27th
Gothenburg, Sweden

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