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Sales at Greenbyte

Yes, our service is fantastic. But have you heard our team explain and show just how fantastic it is? Let's just say the Greenbyte Sales team brings new meaning to the phrase "I'm sold!".

Our mission

Greenbyte's most international team, with loads of collected experience from the industry, thrives on pressure! Expectations are high, but we work hard and deliver a constant stream of new customers. And not just any customers, some of the most dynamic and innovative in the industry!

Who we are

We are a diverse crew of go-getters, confident team-players and eager forward-thinkers. We are road warriors and industry connectors. We are passionate about renewable energy and its capacity to bring more clean energy to millions around the world.

Highly international team

We collectively speak 6 languages and are based in 4 different countries. We are renewable energy pioneers and travel all over the world to offices, exhibitions and conferences to present our services.


You can have results or excuses, not both - we go with the former. We are driven about what we do, we never lose sight of the target and we use our expertise to find the best ways to hit it.


Closing the deal is great, but it's not the end. We nurture a relationship and the best conditions for each deal to help it flourish into a long-term partnership which lasts years.

Confident communicators

Meeting the parents? Packed boardroom? Holding multiple product demos like a breeze? There's absolutely no situation that we can’t handle.

Team players with a positive attitude

We are friendly social collaborators. We bring sunshine with us every day and it's no wonder that our corner is the most energized. People are to us what wind is to a turbine!

Geeks in disguise

...or out in the open! We are constantly learning, insatiably curious. Technology, power curves, B2B, SaaS, availability? After all, one must learn and evolve to keep pace in this industry. We want to make sure we propose the solution that will best meet the needs. The only thing constant is change.

Become a Greenbyter

At Greenbyte, we work closely together to accomplish great things. We trip, fall, fight, win, and conquer together, all day, every day. Does that resonate with you? Check out our open positions!

Stay connected to @Greenbyte

Follow the Greenbyters at work and in the wild to learn more about our company and culture!

Save the date! Greenbyte Forum 2019 is coming!

Hear from and get inspired by leaders in our industry, attend educational breakout sessions, and get up to speed on everything Greenbyte while meeting your brilliant peers who, like yourself, leverage data analytics to drive innovation and business growth.

Nov 26-27th
Gothenburg, Sweden

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