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Ebook: How to solve typical data problems in wind resource assessment

In this handy case study guide for established wind power developers, start-ups and consultants we highlight typical data problems in wind resource assessment along with appropriate software solutions.


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This ebook presents a general overview of which methods and products are available for improving power performance, rather than presenting specific solutions of the individual actors.

Improve wind turbine controls

Smart control systems are integral in power performance upgrading and they are becoming more and more flexible and powerful. Updating software and adjusting controls can make substantial difference to the operation and behavior of both individual wind turbines and the wind farm as a whole.

Tuning and optimization

Turbine tuning can offer considerable improvements to operation and performance. It allows a wind turbine to be operated much closer to its true limits in the setting it is operating, reducing loading peaks and wear. Many old wind farms are targets for optimization projects as owners seek to improve the proficiency of their assets.

Aerodynamic performance

In the part load range of operation, wind turbine power performance depends heavily on the rotor swept area and its aerodynamic performance. Blade size have major impact, as it limits the wind energy available. As changing blades is most often not feasible, improvements can instead be achieved through other actions.

Modernization and retrofitting

Retrofitting and upgrading is an area with many solutions for improving power performance. As increasing blade size, modernizing controls and making capacity upgrades to drivetrains all are major procedures, the main interest lies in finding smaller retrofit and tweaks, for cost-effective and risk-free investments.


Work is ongoing in aerodynamics performance, anemometry and site optimization. Bundling different upgrades into more comprehensive packages are commonly seen on the market. As the fleet of operational wind turbines grow, the outlook for the after-sales market looks promising.

Relevance to Breeze

Breeze is a system used by active owners and operators to increase energy production. A key component in increasing power performance is to identify under performing wind turbines and to discuss with the manufacturer what actions can be take to increase power performance.

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