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Ebook: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

Methods of measuring power performance and a case study to apply side-by-side testing.


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This final ebook of the 3-part series focuses on measuring change in power performance. There is a brief review of the power curve, annual energy production and common methods of measuring the absolute level of power performance.

Identify change in power performance

To identify a change in power performance of a wind turbine a baseline and a post-upgrade power curve must be determined. The primary attributes evaluated are change of power curve at each different wind speed bins and change of AEP, given the power curve and a specific wind characteristic. In addition to this, the change might be of interest to evaluate in different operating conditions, such as turbulence levels or wind directions.

Improvement of power curve

All calculation steps for establishing a measured power curve were done independently for both the training and testing period data sets. The procedure is the same for both data sets, as explained in this chapter. The testing period data set is is used to determine the improvement of the power curve.

Side-by-side testing using SCADA data

The method applied here is based upon “Side-by-side testing to verify improvements of power curves” presented by Axel Albers at Deutsche Windguard during the Nordic Wind Conference. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Axel Albers, whose support was essential for carrying out the analysis.

Case study results

The final results were calculated using the filtered data of the valid wind directions rendered from the sector self-consistency check and additional conditions. The 6 month training period was used to establish the power-to-power relation. The training period data was also used for dummy calculations, used for uncertainty analysis purposes.

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