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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a Greenbyte customer to purchase add-ons from Marketplace?


Are Marketplace add-ons free or priced?

Fees for add-ons are detailed in the fee schedule, provided to customers upon request.

How do I order an add-on?

To be able to purchase Marketplace add-ons customers need to be on a Greenbyte contract signed after November 1st 2019, which denote the add-on purchasing process. Once you've found an add-on that you want, click the 'Learn More' button and fill in your details or simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager. A Greenbyte representative will reach out to you to provide more information. Once you've signed an order form your add-on will be activated.

Can I develop add-ons for Marketplace?

In the future there will be a dedicated site available with deep API documentation for third-party developers. In the meantime, you can contact marketplace@greenbyte.com to get API access.

How do I become a partner to Greenbyte Marketplace?

We want to grow Marketplace and give our customers access to new opportunities for them become successful. If you think you could be a good fit, please reach out to marketplace@greenbyte.com.

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