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Predictive maintenance

Identify wind turbine component failures in advance with a cutting-edge digital condition monitoring tool, and transform your approach to maintenance.

"We are much more competitive in the operation management market, and that’s what we need with the prices going down for wind energy."


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Upgrade your maintenance strategy with artificial intelligence

Predict is a network of AI-based models that have been rigorously trained to learn from SCADA data and identify impending turbine faults at an early stage—before they cause serious harm.

Seal the financial and operational future of wind farms

Receive advanced notifications of chronic component issues of all magnitudes and profit continually from minimizing lost production.

Turbine-wide health monitoring

Identify temperature anomalies of critical components, such as the gearbox, bearings, lubrication and cooling system, and receive alerts on impending failures.

A powerful cost-saving solution

Enable proactive maintenance for time and cost-saving benefits: minimize unplanned downtime, ensure longevity of components, decrease O&M costs and reduce site visits.

Ensure your assets get priority

Whether your turbines are under warranty or in a full service contract, Predict provides an independent health assessment to increase leverage in negotiations.

Customized for each component

A network of artificial intelligence models is trained to define the temperature equilibrium of each component, and detect the slightest deviations to flag potential faults.

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