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Resolution of time series data

Greenbyte collects data from sites and devices in real-time. High resolution data (between 1 second and 5 minutes) is aggregated into 5, 10 or 15-minute. The aggregated data is stored in perpetuity while the high resolution data is discarded after 3 days. Greenbyte uses the aggregated data to calculate KPIs.

Status log for all status events and advanced filters

All status events from a device are stored in Greenbyte in perpetuity. Status events are grouped in Stops, Warnings, Informational, Curtailment and Communication. Status events are displayed in the status log. Users can use the advanced filtering capabilities of Greenbyte to identify specific status codes. Users can also edit status events and categorize them according to availability contract. Further, users can create status events manually.

Continuous updates of signals and status codes

A renewable energy sites is typically operational over twenty five plus years. During this time the providers of hardware will many times update firmware, often resulting in updates to signals and status codes. Greenbyte continuously monitors these firmware updates and amends the Greenbyte data adapters collecting the data so that Greenbyte customers can trust the data in Greenbyte.

Powerful user permissions

Customers can create as many users as they wish. Each user can have access to specific sites and/or devices. Further, a user’s feature permissions can be set per user or per user group.

Menu based navigation or search for assets and devices

Portfolio, sites and devices are organized in a tree structure that is available in tree menu throughout Greenbyte or via the Sidebar. Users can also search for assets and devices via the search field in Sidebar.

Maps for geographical overview

All power generating units and devices contain GPS coordinates. With the GPS coordinates sites and devices are placed onto maps. Maps are used within Greenbyte and in reports generated in Greenbyte.

Store information about subcontractors, companies and personnel

Customers can store information about subcontractors, companies and personnel in Greenbyte. These entities can be linked to activities performed such as Tasks and Site Access. By creating these links users have an audit trail of who has done what and when.

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Users can download a mobile app for Greenbyte from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The mobile apps display both real-time data and longer-term trend data. Within Greenbyte administrators can configure what sites and/or devices and what parts of the mobile app a user should have access to. The mobile app also provides capabilities to notify users through the iOS and Android notification systems. What notifications a user should receive through the app is configured in Greenbyte.


Monitor assets in real-time

Customers can either use the default dashboards or create dashboards displaying the information they are most interested in. Dashboards can be set as public (i.e. all other users in Greenbyte have access to the dashboard), accessible to group of users or private. A public dashboard can be very useful in for example a control room environment.

Generate Alerts

A renewable energy site generates a lot of data. With Alerts users can themselves define rules that relate signals to each other and threshold values that create an Alert code. Alert codes are displayed in Greenbyte and can be linked to notification schemes where users can decide how to subscribe to Alerts – in system, email or via the Greenbyte app.

Remote Operations Center (ROC) to monitor large portfolios

To monitor large portfolios with real-time data Greenbyte is equipped with several default dashboards to display data important for monitoring. In addition, users may define their own ROC dashboards as described in custom dashboards section above.

Advanced notification schemes for statuses and alerts via email or app

Notification schemes are used by users to tailor what information they wish to receive via email or the mobile app notifications. User can for example configure notification schemes that define exactly what status information and/or Alerts they wish to receive at what time intervals. The information is sent to the users email or to the user’s app depending on how they have selected to configure the notification scheme.


Analyze data from assets and devices in Data Studio

Within the data studio users can select specific devices or groups of devices, specific signals, time periods, filters etc. to analyze data in a very flexible way. Favorites configurations can be stored, a link to a specific data studio configuration can be shared with colleagues.

Drill down – portfolio, asset, device

From a portfolio view users can drill down into data from sites, sub-site groups and single devices. Sites can be configured in a hierarchical sub-site groups that resemble the physical layout of the site.

Configurable lost production calculations

Greenbyte provides functionality to allow for various methods to calculate potential power. The potential power/energy can then be compared to the actual power/energy allowing for display of lost energy per category of the availability contract.

Calculate curtailment

Curtailment can happen for many reasons such as grid, noise, shadow, ice etc. With the curtailment feature in Greenbyte users can setup curtailment schemes per site and define how different types of curtailment affect availability and compensation.

Availability contracts and calculations

Availability calculations in Greenbyte are based on status events sent from the asset and the asset’s availability contract. In Greenbyte, each status code is linked to a category in the availability contract. All categories in the availability contract are calculated according to the site’s definition of availability. Availability can be time-based, production-based and/or according to the IEC definition of availability for wind assets. By using the IEC calculation of availability wind sites can be compared to each other. Availability can be displayed over any time period selected by the user and per portfolio, per asset and/or per power generating unit. Availability contracts are added to Greenbyte as part of the installation of a site or by users themselves if contracts are amended later the life of a site.


Report on assets and devices

Reports in Greenbyte are template based. This means users can create templates for different purposes i.e. high-level portfolio management reports or very detailed technical reports. Reports are highly configurable and editable. Customers can add their own logotypes and cover page images to reports. Reports are made available in PDF format.

Setup API keys to interface with other software systems

Greenbyte provides a powerful Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API). The Greeenbyte API provides a wide array of application specific features and functionality to retrieve current and historical data from the Greenbyte API in JSON data format. Using the Greenbyte API it is possible to securely integrate Greeenbyte with third-party services and seamlessly retrieve historic data and data in real-time. Data access privileges are customized per site and device to ensure that only the data you want to share is made available via the Greenbyte API. The time span and temporal resolution of the data provided can be selected when requesting data from the Greenbyte API.

Export raw data and calculated metrics

Users can export raw data, calculated metrics and status events from Greenbyte into the csv file format. Greenbyte provides the user with capability to provide the raw data or to apply averaging and to specify what signals to export.

Configure custom dashboards

Greenbyte comes with a set of default dashboards. Users can create their own custom dashboards. Dashboards consist of several columns. Within each column users can add widgets. A widget is a graph or table displaying data signals or a collection of data signals from sites and/or devices. Custom Dashboards can be made public (i.e. share with other users), shared with a specific user group or private so that only the user creating the dashboard can view it.

User can also configure a portfolio overview dashboard, useful as a management summary of a large portfolio of sites.

Plan tasks, site access and down time

Tasks can be any activities that are related to a power generating unit, device, a group of devices, power generating units or a site. Users can use tasks to schedule recurring tasks such as annual maintenance activities or for example contract renewals or terminations. Users can be notified and reminded about tasks using the task reminder functionality. Site access can be logged directly to a task or independently. For both Tasks and Site Access a user can select when it is to be done and who is responsible by selecting personnel from the personnel list. Users may also add documents and comments to tasks and site access. For site access a user can also enter expected end time. If personnel on site have not logged out from the site on time, the user is notified in Greenbyte. In some situations, site access is linked to down time, in these situations the user can log a down time. The down time can then be forwarded via the Greenbyte API to the company performing electricity trading so that they know ahead of time of any planned downtime. Tasks, site access and downtime are used for both scheduled maintenance and corrective maintenance activities.

HSE incident reporting

Users can log any incidents that occur in assets in the categories: Accident, Near Miss, Hazard Observation and Environmental and specify if the incident is linked to Lost Time. Any open HSE incidents are displayed to the user when logging a site access so that the user can notify the onsite personnel to prevent further incidents from happening.

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