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Optimization is just around the corner

Optimization is just around the corner

Extract more value from your assets with software designed to help you analyze underperformance, pinpoint issues and reveal opportunities for optimization and cost savings.

Track trends and key metrics

Analyze Dashboards

Keep an eye on portfolio-wide performance metrics with dashboards configured to quickly highlight problem areas, then drill down to identify underperforming assets and specific issues that need attention.

We are more than ever focusing on the factors behind lost production and Greenbyte is really helping us drive that. I can now produce dashboards to give a side-by-side comparison, from one month to the other and see how much a turbine could have potentially produced.

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst,
Ventient Energy

Uncover hidden savings

Downtime Management

With greater insight into performance at every level of the portfolio, from individual wind farms down to specific components, take action to optimize operations and reduce costs. Additionally, get the most out of your service agreements with independent tracking of downtime and availability—unlocking new negotiating power when evaluating service providers.

We used to analyze how much money and production we were losing during downtimes, but we were missing out on a bunch of performance losses that were really difficult to find. Now, we are able to set up the right KPIs to identify those little things that cost us money.

Yannick Huyghebaert, O&M Team Lead WTG,

Investigate underperformance

Data Studio

To further analyze an area of concern, pick and choose the relevant data to visualize in the Data Studio and perform root cause analysis. Plus, with continual tracking of downtime and availability on a granular level, gain an increased understanding of the performance of individual components.

Greenbyte tip: Greenbyte Taxonomy add-on makes it possible to monitor, analyze, and report on the components within renewable assets. Define your own customized taxonomy and track lost production due to different components.

“Greenbyte enables us to dial into what’s causing the portfolio issues and identified where we are losing money. You can have a hunch, but open Greenbyte platform, select the right signals and it highlights everything you need to know.”

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst, Ventient Energy

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Track trends, investigate performance and carry out optimizations.

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