Wind farm management system

Industry-leading software used globally by wind energy professionals to capture the true potential of their investments.

"Normally, I would recommend Breeze to every operational management company but then we would lose the advantage we have on the market at the moment"


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Increased returns through SCADA data intelligence

Breeze is the wind farm management component of Energy Cloud. A cutting-edge specialized software used by owners, operators and investors to monitor, manage, analyze, plan and predict every aspect of their wind farm portfolio.

Optimize your production with one single powerful tool

Breeze is a modern, user-friendly software solution that allows professionals to save time, improve wind turbine performance and efficiency, and enable proactive wind farm management.

Customize to suit your workflow

Take advantage of a versatile system and pick from a wide range of flexible widgets and dashboards to build custom charts, tables and highly configurable, editable reports.

Analyze and compare operational and budget data

Compare actual production to targets, observe trends over time and follow up on production, availability, wind speed and more KPIs, to make accurate predictions.

Real-time production monitoring, status and alarms

Monitor large and diverse portfolios, receive notifications on critical events and oversee critical information on energy production, data connections, and wind turbines status.

A powerful project management tool

Overview all site activities, schedule O&M tasks and downtimes. Access all information, log comments, assign tasks to colleagues and inform them via automatic email update.

One service to manage all renewable assets

Greenbyte Energy Cloud offers specialized interconnected components to streamline monitoring, planning, reporting and analysis of wind and solar assets.

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How wind and solar sites are installed in Energy Cloud

How to start and stop wind turbines in Energy Cloud

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Webinar – Identify component failures before they occur with Predict

Predict is a potential game-changer for the industry. At Greenbyte, we aim to detect component failures in wind turbines long before they occur using existing SCADA data. In this webinar, Head of research, Dr. Pramod Bangalore presents our approach to solving this difficult problem using large data sets and Artificial Neural Networks. Sign up!

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