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All of your data, under one roof

All of your data, under one roof

Aggregate data from a wide variety of critical sources—from SCADA data to power forecasts—regardless of hardware manufacturer or 3rd party service, in a central software platform.

Hit the cloud running with expert onboarding

Quick installation & onboarding

Get your entire portfolio up and running in record time with the help of our technical experts. The Greenbyte Technical Integration team has long-standing experience establishing secure, remote connections to the full-spectrum of manufacturers of renewable energy assets and associated devices, and is industry renowned for smooth and efficient onboarding procedures.

Did you know: On top of being able to connect to renewable assets through no less than 400 different connection types, the Greenbyte Integration team is the fastest in the business with an all-time high of about 2 GW installed over a month.

Leverage an all-in-one data hub

Marketplace and Greenbyte JSON API

Getting data flowing from the ground to the cloud is a critical first step. Next up, bring in all other pertinent data relating to your assets with the help of the API. Aggregate additional data sources, such as power pricing and weather forecasts, to complement site-level data and unlock a new level of data-driven decision-making.

Greenbyte tip: Find powerful add-ons to supercharge your Greenbyte platform and customize your data toolbox through Greenbyte Marketplace.

Where you go, Greenbyte follows

Accessible via browser and mobile app

Access Greenbyte platform wherever you are. Bookmark your custom URL and log in via your favorite web browser, or on-the-go with the mobile application. Connect to real-time data stored securely in the cloud, backed by Amazon Web Services, with a 99.99% uptime track record over the past year.

Check out our app on Google Play and App Store.

“We are very happy with Greenbyte response time, while in the past we often had to wait several days to get a clear understanding from our provider – now we get very fast response. With Greenbyte support team, it feels like there is one guy sitting with us at the office.”

Yannick Huyghebaert, O&M Team Lead WTG, Parkwind

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Aggregate information from a wide variety of critical data sources.

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Keep a pulse on the entire fleet and spot existing and impending anomalies early.

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Track trends, investigate performance and carry out optimizations.

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Align around key objectives and enhance team-wide productivity.

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