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Energy Cloud

Increase renewable energy asset returns with data intelligence from a powerful and flexible platform.

A service of interconnected products

Energy Cloud is built on cutting-edge specialized software used by industry professionals to monitor, manage, analyze, plan and predict every aspect of their renewable energy portfolios.

Decrease expenditures

Reduce service contract scopes and slim sub-supplier margins.


Prioritize and assign site activities, schedule O&M tasks and site access and manage assets’ downtime for reporting, maintaining and forecasting purposes with ease.


Identify potential faults at an early stage and avoid expensive failures, reduce wear on components and lost production with Predict, digital condition monitoring based on SCADA data and machine learning.


Start and stop wind turbines in real-time from anywhere using insights from data to better manage challenges such as grid curtailment, unplanned downtime and dynamic power prices.

Close the knowledge gap

Increase negotiating power with valuable insights based on real data.


Generate stylish and highly customizable reports. Quick to prepare, template-based and easy to share with colleagues and partners throughout the organization.

Data Studio

Use the powerful Data Studio to visualize data across the portfolio. Carry out in-depth analyses of performance trends, power curve evolution and identify underperforming devices.


Set up and customize dedicated dashboards and widgets to suit your needs. Highlight crucial KPIs, keep track of all that is happening on site and stay on top of year to date budgets and performance figures.


Accurately plan your budget, track your performance and stay right on target.

"I would recommend Greenbyte Energy Cloud to anyone who wants to be a front runner in data management and is working in wind and solar"


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Take action

Make informed decisions – from selecting ISP to change of oil.


Define custom alarms based on a powerful set of rules to highlight critical events and potential performance issues. Receive automatic notifications via mobile app and email.

Remote Operation Center

Simplify 24/7 monitoring using ROC dashboards, specially designed for control room displays to provide a condensed real-time view of large and diverse portfolios of renewable energy assets.

Root cause analysis

Perform analysis on a portfolio level or drill down to identify underperforming assets and carry out optimizations.

Rely on a single source of truth

Decrease dependency on old processes, reports and spreadsheets.


Share historic data, key metrics and real-time production figures automatically with third party applications and service providers through the Greenbyte Energy Cloud JSON API.


Rely on a service that speaks your language. Greenbyte Energy Cloud comes in English, German, French and Spanish and can be configured per user.

Mobile App

Access live data for the entire portfolio and drill down to see the status of each turbine or inverter on the go. Stay on top of key metrics anywhere thanks to the user-friendly app for iOS and Android.

The information hub

Greenbyte services transform data into actionable insights for all stakeholders in the renewable energy value chain.





Forecast, substation, grid meter


Power forecasts, Maximo, Tableau





Asset mgr

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