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Unlock a new level of productivity

Unlock a new level of productivity

Amp up both organization-wide productivity and energy production with a highly customizable system, built on industry-leading best practices, designed to help teams exceed expectations.

Streamline workflows

Reporting and Data Communication

Keep information flowing between all relevant systems and stakeholders with simple export functionalities and a powerful API. Generate stylish and highly customizable reports in just a few clicks to keep all relevant parties in the loop.

For our asset management team, the system is a real benefit, precisely for the reporting. We don’t only need to be able to report on a monthly or weekly basis, but on a month to date basis. With Greenbyte, by the click of a button, it’s ready!

Daniel Stewart, Senior Operations Analyst,
Ventient Energy

Visualize key information

Flexible Dashboards

Customize and configure dashboards to share pertinent information with a variety of different user types and stakeholders both within your company and externally. Keep everyone informed by presenting key metrics on-the-go through the user-friendly mobile application.

Greenbyte tip: Create customizable Dashboards highlighting every crucial key metrics to save time and be well-prepared when stepping into conversations with all kind of stakeholders – from management to service providers.

Stay organized and ahead of the game

Plan Tasks

Enhance team-wide productivity and coordination with the powerful task management tool. Prioritize, schedule and execute critical activities to improve operations, save time and reduce costs.

Greenbyte tip: Greenbyte platform enables you to create a task directly out of a fault. Add a priority, assign it to a team member or 3rd party and send out an email notification. Once the issue is resolved, acknowledge it in the system and keep a well-documented trail.

“With our previous software, what I missed was the robustness of the data collection. We could never rely on the system a 100%. It’s not an easy thing to do, but with Greenbyte, we have achieved that. Now instead of wondering ‘Can I rely on the software?’, I can focus on ‘What can I do with the software?'"

Yannick Huyghebaert, O&M Team Lead WTG, Parkwind

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Aggregate information from a wide variety of critical data sources.

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Keep a pulse on the entire fleet and spot existing and impending anomalies early.

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Track trends, investigate performance and carry out optimizations.

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Align around key objectives and enhance team-wide productivity.

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