Predict - Greenbyte

Advanced fault detection with predictive analytics

Take a modern approach to understanding wind turbine health with Predict, an artificial intelligence tool to improve your maintenance strategy.


Accuracy in fault detection


Months in advance of component failures


Days maximum installation time


Reduction of lost production due to forced outages

Data science for wind experts, by wind experts

Predict is a system of artificial neural network models that have been rigorously trained to learn from SCADA data and identify impending turbine faults at an early stage—before they cause serious harm.

Intervene early

Make the transition from reactive to proactive turbine maintenance, with fault detection up to 9 months in advance.

Increase power output

Plan necessary maintenance for the optimal time frame to ensure turbines are performing their best.

Ensure longevity of components

Reduce wear and tear on components by reducing high stress operating conditions.

Avoid expensive failures

Get ahead of problems by resolving small issues before they turn into expensive system failures or lead to secondary faults.

Dive into the details

Check out the webinar by Greenbyte’s Head of Research, Dr. Pramod Bangalore, to explore the full scope of Predict.

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Predict is the latest addition to the wind industry’s leading portfolio management package

Energy Cloud is built on cutting-edge specialized software used by renewable professionals to monitor, analyze, plan – and now predict – all aspects of their portfolios.

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