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Ventus Ingenieria's wind farm in Uruguay.

June 24 2015 in Company

First in South America: Ventus Ingenieria in Uruguay chooses Breeze for wind farm management

Uruguay-based Ventus Ingenieria has chosen the Breeze system for wind farm management. This marks the first wind farm on the South American continent to be installed in Breeze.

Edit Breeze notification schemes

June 12 2015 in Product

Breeze Academy: How to create notifications schemes

A notification is an e-mail sent from Breeze to notify a user of specific events that occur in the wind farm. Notifications are configured using notification schemes. A notification scheme can be configured to send notifications whenever a turbine status is registered. The notifications are very flexible and can be configured in many different ways.

Dorper Wind Farm in South Africa

June 1 2015 in Company

First in Africa: Dorper Wind Farm chooses Breeze for wind farm management

South Africa-based Dorper Wind Farm has chosen the Breeze system for wind farm management. This marks the first wind farm on the African continent to be installed in Breeze.

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May 29 2015 in Events

Greetings from Breeze Customer Day 2015 in Gothenburg

The first Breeze Customer Day has just come to an end and we are more than happy with the outcome. With the fast pace of innovation, we want to make sure users of Breeze are getting the most out of the service and that is what the Breeze Customer Day is for. This year's event featured an introduction and training on the main features of Breeze, from power curves to scheduled downtime to sharing data via API and reports as well as discussions of best practices, new ideas and “the big picture” as a group. We are looking forward to see you soon again! Click the article for more photos from the event.

May 19 2015 in Product

Breeze Academy: 9997 – Data communication unavailable. Don't be scared!

Sometimes you can see that turbines have information code 9997 – Data communication unavailable: Turbine – Breeze. This is a general code that means that Breeze doesn’t receive data, specifically the signals “wind speed” and “power”. In this part of Breeze Academy we describe what code 9997 means and how to handle it in Breeze.

Ebook: Power performance upgrades to wind turbines

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April 29 2015 in Company

Breeze and WindSim in cooperation on short term power forecasting

Ideally, a grid operator would know seconds, minutes or hours in advance what the power output from wind power will be. With current forecasting and data exchange models this is impossible. The ENERGIX project partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council carried out by WindSim Nowcasting with data input from Breeze aims to make the impossible possible.

Ebook: Constraints to upgrading of wind turbines

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April 29 2015 in Company

Pure Energie van Raedthuys choose Breeze for wind farm management

Pure Energie van Raedthuys in the Netherlands is committed to fight climate change and create a sustainable future. They walk the talk by building wind and solar electricity production parks. “Today we are excited to welcome Raedthuys as a user of Breeze” – says Breeze CEO Jonas Corné.

April 20 2015 in Company

Vindpark Vänern choose Breeze for wind farm management

Vindpark Vänern is a 30 MW offshore wind farm located in Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. To increase availability, performance and insight into operations, Vindpark Vänern have selected Breeze as their wind farm management system.

December 19 2014 in Company

Eolus Vind selects Breeze wind farm management system

Eolus is one of the leading wind farm developers in Sweden. Founded in 1990 the company has long experience of wind farm development. The company has been involved in more than 460 of the 2,800 wind turbines in Sweden.

Ilmatar wind farm

November 24 2014 in Company

Ilmatar Windpower choose Breeze for wind farm management

Ilmatar Windpower PLC aims to build 300 MW of wind in Finland within the next few years. To manage the growing portfolio of wind farms Ilmatar choose Breeze Production to harmonize wind farm monitoring and reporting.

E-book: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

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