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July 7 2017 in Product

Breeze Academy: Export data in Breeze

This session will show you how to export data from all signals available in Breeze. When selecting the data to export you will be presented with a few options and will be able to create Export Data templates.

July 3 2017 in Product

Wind farm and solar site installation in Breeze and Bright

At Greenbyte, we capture data from wind farms and solar plants regardless of manufacturer, set up and physical location. On top of that, we do not need to travel to the sites or install any hardware. So how do we do it? Check out this video where Director of Operations Niklas Bergh explains how it works.

July 3 2017 in Events

Greenbyte Forum 2017 in Amsterdam

Every year, the annual WindEurope conference brings together professionals from all around the world. In connection with this year's exhibition in Amsterdam, Greenbyte is hosting its annual Greenbyte Forum, a unique workshop for asset managers, owners and operators looking to capture the full potential of their assets with Greenbyte's services.

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July 3 2017 in Resources

Breeze Winfographic

Users of Breeze generate tons of data every month and we're used to monitor and analyze it in a highly efficient way through Breeze's data studio and dashboards. What if one takes a less scientific approach to examine the data Breeze collects? The Breeze Winfographic highlights some of the more unusual facts related to wind energy and Breeze that you probably didn't know about.

June 28 2017 in Events

Impressions from Intersolar 2017

Most people reading this post will most likely have their news feeds in various social media explode with headlines such as 'Corporate Clean Energy: Not Just for Google Anymore', 'Big Oil needs to spend $350 billion…. on wind and solar', 'Global Wind Day Photo competition – and the winner for ‘Wind at Sea’ is…'

… I am preaching to the choir. At the end of this post, I will come back to this topic.

Ebook: Power performance upgrades to wind turbines

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May 22 2017 in Product

Breeze Academy: Push notifications for Breeze & Bright apps

This session will show you how to set up push notifications for the Breeze and Bright Apps and receive notifications from stops, warnings and custom alarms directly on your mobile device.

Ebook: Constraints to upgrading of wind turbines

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April 27 2017 in Product

Enhanced workflow with new Breeze & Bright apps

The Breeze and Bright apps brings the most popular features from Greenbyte’s renewable energy management systems to your mobile phone.

April 27 2017 in Company

New heights as Chilean SeaWind chooses Breeze

Chilean company SeaWind has chosen the Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis. 

March 29 2017 in Product

Breeze Academy: Multiple budgets in Breeze

This session will show you how to handle budgets in Breeze: set up multiple budgets and copy budgets between turbines or years.

February 28 2017 in Company

GP JOULE chooses Breeze for wind farm management

Germany-based GP JOULE has chosen Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis.

E-book: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

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