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April 27 2017 in Product

Enhanced workflow with new Breeze & Bright apps

The Breeze and Bright apps brings the most popular features from Greenbyte’s renewable energy management systems to your mobile phone.

April 27 2017 in Company

New heights as Chilean SeaWind chooses Breeze

Chilean company SeaWind has chosen the Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis. 

March 29 2017 in Product

Breeze Academy: Multiple budgets in Breeze

This session will show you how to handle budgets in Breeze: set up multiple budgets and copy budgets between turbines or years.

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February 28 2017 in Company

GP JOULE chooses Breeze for wind farm management

Germany-based GP JOULE has chosen Breeze Wind Farm Management system for wind farm monitoring, reporting and analysis.

February 27 2017 in Product

Introducing wind turbine control in Breeze

Today, we are very excited to announce the new Control feature in Breeze. Control allows users of Breeze to start and stop wind turbines in real-time and from anywhere through Breeze.

Ebook: Power performance upgrades to wind turbines

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February 6 2017 in Product

Breeze Academy: Edit statuses in Breeze

This session will introduce you to the different options when it comes to editing statuses in Breeze. In this video we will show you how to end an active status, delete or change a 9997 status code and add manual status code.

Ebook: Constraints to upgrading of wind turbines

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December 22 2016 in Company

Belgian investment firm Korys invests in Greenbyte

Belgian investment firm Korys, owned by the renowned Colruyt family is investing in Greenbyte.


December 22 2016 in Resources

Blades of fortune – The ultimate wind power quiz

Which country is home to the windiest city? Which famous statue is roughly as high as a 2MW wind turbine tower? What percentage of global electricity is supplied by wind power? Trivia buffs hooked on Wind energy knowledge can now test their expertise in the ultimate Wind Power Quiz Blades of Fortune.

December 21 2016 in Company

Merry Breezemas!

For many of us, this is the time of year for a little reflection and hopefully a little relaxation! The year 2016 for Greenbyte was exactly what we hoped for: dynamic, fast-paced, challenging, inspiring.

December 20 2016 in Product

Custom reports, new devices & manual status codes in Breeze

Custom Reports, New Devices and Manual Status Codes are the main upcoming updates in Breeze. Thanks to Custom Reports, users can now create highly flexible and customizable reports. With the addition of New Devices, Breeze can display data coming from other devices, such as substations or meters, directly in Dashboards. More flexibility has been added related to status handling as well as the possibility to add manual status codes and edit status codes retroactively.

E-book: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

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