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Jonas and Elias demo Breeze at EWEA 2015.

November 20 2015 in Events

Greetings from EWEA 2015 in Paris

Despite the tragic events in Paris, the EWEA 2015 wind energy conference turned out great. Members from the Breeze team got to meet with other industry leaders from around the globe to share valuable experiences. The wind industry is maturing and the high interest in Breeze clearly shows that more and more wind turbine owners and operators are serious about optimizing wind asset performance for increased ROI.

Customizable Alarms in Breeze.

November 2 2015 in Product

Customizable alarms in Breeze

Today we are very happy to announce the launch of new feature called Alarms. It will help our customers produce more electricity. Alarms will decrease the time from a problem occurring to a problem being identified. At the same time Alarms decrease owners' and operators' dependence on the turbine manufacturer.

Add new users in Breeze.

October 29 2015 in Product

Breeze Academy: Add users in Breeze

In Breeze you can create as many user accounts as you wish. There are three different type of users. This video will give you instruction how to create a user account and how to define permissions for a Limited user.

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Breeze Forum 2015

September 30 2015 in Events

Join us at Breeze Forum in Paris, Nov 18th 2015

Every year, the annual EWEA conference brings together professionals from over 60 countries. In connection with this year's exhibition in Paris, Breeze is hosting Breeze Forum, a unique workshop for asset managers, wind turbine owners and operators looking to capture the full potential of wind assets with the Breeze system.

Georgia Mountain Community Wind's wind farm.

September 22 2015 in Company

First in USA: Georgia Mountain Community Wind chooses Breeze

Vermont-based Georgia Mountain Community Wind has chosen the Breeze system for wind farm management. This marks the first wind farm in the US to be installed in Breeze and the first using Goldwind turbines, the direct drive 2.5MW GW100.

Ebook: Power performance upgrades to wind turbines

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September 18 2015 in Product

Breeze Academy: Metadata in Breeze

Breeze is working in many different countries all over the world. And our different customers have different information that they want to have connected to their wind farms and wind turbines. Due to this, we have a section in Breeze that we call Metadata. This is a section where the customer can add any type of data fields with different information for their own turbines.

Ebook: Constraints to upgrading of wind turbines

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Solar panels

August 31 2015 in Product

A Bright future for Breeze

At Breeze we are seeing customers in wind extending their portfolio to encompass solar photovoltaics. Many of those customers have expressed a desire to also bring in their solar assets into Breeze. To monitor solar and wind in the same platform makes a lot of sense as they at a fundamental level are the same - both are powered by a fuel that is free and volatile.

Natural Forces' Fairmont wind farm.

August 31 2015 in Company

Natural Forces chooses Breeze for wind farm management

Nova Scotia Canada-based wind energy developer Natural Forces Technologies Inc has chosen the Breeze system for wind farm management and optimization. This marks the first wind farms in Canada to be installed in Breeze.

Three types of power curves in Breeze.

August 25 2015 in Product

Breeze Academy: Budgets in Breeze

The budget is representing the expected power production of the wind turbine, normally called the P50 production of the turbine are the wind farm. In Breeze this is divided in to monthly budgets. Normally some parts of the year are windier than other, so there should be some deviations between the months. If you only have a yearly budget this can be divided equally in 12 sections.

An Aspiravi wind farm.

July 24 2015 in Company

Aspiravi Group chooses Breeze for wind farm management

The Aspiravi Group develops, invests, realizes and operates wind projects in Belgium, the North Sea and abroad to create a sustainable future for the next generations. Aspiravi owns and operates a diverse and growing portfolio of wind farms. At the end of 2014 the portfolio consists of 480 MW of Enercon, Senvion, Siemens and Vestas turbines.

E-book: Quantifying change in power performance using SCADA data

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